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Learning some new tricks today

Howard looked down. That was odd. Normally when he was fixing lunch, his pup was at his feet begging. Curious, Howard dried his hands on a towel and went looking for his boy. Was he napping after Christmas excitement?

Howard found him in the living room and had to smother a laugh. His pup was sitting in a chair, and very seriously reading his new book. It was comical to see a pup take such a formal, human pose. How nice that he liked his present so much though!
His pup looked up at him.
“Learning some things?”
“Good boy,” Howard said with a smile. He’d fill the boy’s bowl and let him get lunch when he reached a break in the chapters. He didn’t want to get in the way of his boy learning some new tricks.

Captions are fictional. This photo is actually a week or so old, not taken on Christmas. <3 @puppixel though. Super adorbs.


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