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Are you feeling ill, but do vets scare you…? Why not call Dr. Nobley for an appointment for a super professional pup-to-pup consultation! =D

Oh Doctor Nobley…

I have this swelling problem just at my crotch area – can you help me out?

Oh Nobley, it really is a good job i’m not locked at the moment otherwise i’d have just shattered my third cage!!

Can I book in for a full body checkup? Like the super deluxe treatment?

*fans self* I’m feeling very faint all of a sudden

*thoroughly palpates your lymph nodes when suddenly you turn pale*
Seems like your blood’s flowing to the wrong places Pix, maybe you should be locked back up after all for your own safety. *pokes at bulge* Doctor’s advice, y’know. (A)

*grabs elektro kit to zap you back to consciousness*

I’d like to share some of my favorite @pupnobley posts today

This is particularly silly.


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