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An adorable submission from @subtle-butt-crack 

(This caption is 100% fictional. This is a writing exercise, and does not attempt to assume the identities, sexuality, or personalities of the people in the picture.)


Hey Sylvie,

Thanks for your e-mail. Things are actually going SUPER well. I was so nervous for absolutely no reason. The first thing Jason did after meeting my mother was gush about her decorating and the house -without me even prompting him – and so she immediately fell in love with him. I could see the suspicion melt off her face. I think she was worried that Jason was going to be a super flame like my last boyfriend with the BIG theatre boy personality, and she was going to be uncomfortable since she’s just a quiet church type lady. I’m really proud of her for being so supportive and accepting of me being gay, despite what some people have said to her at church. I think showing her gays can be ‘normal people’ (as dumb as that sounds, lol) has really made her realize that it’s not a “lifestyle” and that we just want to be treated like any other person.
She told me later that before meeting Jason that she was 100% sure that she rarely ever met a gay person, but now that she realizes gays can be “normal”, now she’s not sure! I was so happy to hear my mom is so forward thinking.
And I know what you’re gonna say – aren’t I pretty normal? Yeah, unless I’m at a Madonna concert, but when it’s your own kid it’s different.

Anyway. Here’s a picture from the Broken Rock Hike near my house. Used to go up here all the time and smoke weed when I was in high school, lol. The leaves are super pretty this time of year. Being from Arizona, Jason had NEVER seen leaves like this close up – it absolutely blew his mind. He kept picking them up and gawking like a child. It was SO PRECIOUS. I took a thousand photos, lol. A nice hiker took this photo of us. Isn’t it sweet? I’m gonna print it out when I get home.
Makes me sad to think Jason was going to spend Thanksgiving at the dorms by himself 🙁 So sad, but he does get to go home to Yuma for Christmas break. My mom and I are helping him buy a ticket home – shh! It’s his present hee hee. I know Jason’s parents have it hard, with his sister being disabled, and the scholarship to Dartmouth is the only thing that got him to college.

He’s a really sweet boy. I really am falling hard for him. I know, I know, college crushes won’t last right? We’re just two years out of high school. But arg, look at that smile! I think even if we don’t work out, which I would be sad about, I *would* be pleased to know I helped Jason moved forward on his journey to adulthood, to independence, and uh, ya know, exploring his sexuality. I know you’d love nothing more than the details, but nuh uh. Won’t happen. I will say that he is such a cuddler though *wink wink*.

Anyway. Hope you are having a nice Thanksgiving abroad in Japan. Could you even buy a turkey there??? I heard on Christmas everyone eats KFC. Is that true? Send pics of your feast! I’m about to go eat ours 🙂

See you back at Dartmouth in January.

Love, and Happy Thanksgiving,


Captions are 100% fictional. Don’t you dare reblog this without the disclaimer, or source please.


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