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Mark cranked up the throttle and we sped away from the rocky shore of his dock. “Tell me this wasn’t a good idea,” he smiled as the cool Maine breeze blew on our faces. I couldn’t see his eyes behind the aviator sunglasses but I could tell he was eying my shirtless body up and down.

I leaned back in the plush leatherette seats and spread my legs. “This was a good idea, all right. Thanks for having me up, Mark.”

“I’ve missed having a young stud around this summer,” he said matter of factly and turned the boat about 10 degrees as we went out straight into the open water.

Mark Davis was a very well preserved 47 years old and as about as much a catch as you’d expect a DILF like him to be. Successful in his career, friendly guy, an amazing fuck, and with a head of silvery hair that always made me weak at the knees. On the con side, he was a moody, self-centered workaholic. We’d dated about a year before calling it off and deciding to be friends. We didn’t see each other a lot but we stayed in touch. Mark could get a little flirty still, and I could get a lot flirty back, so maybe it wasn’t healthy hanging out with my ex like this, but neither one of us could seem to resist it.

“Dude, you could have any young buck up here you wanted and you know it,” I shot back.

Mark didn’t answer but just gave me a knowing smile that told me that maybe he did have a young buck or two up to his second house this summer. Just like I’d found a steady college baseball coach fuckbuddy who was letting me work out a lot of daddy kinks in his bed.

The tailwind started to feel cool, cold even, on my bare chest, but I also liked the freedom of Summer, of being out on the water, of letting my nipples pop up into stiff nubs from my smooth muscular pecs. I had really kept in shape lately, six pack abs, toned muscle, a little more bulk than when Mark met me, and little less body fat. My chest hair was starting to come in thicker now that I was officially in my mid-20s, but I’d waxed for the summer, giving me a smooth look. Mark seemed to like it, at least he seemed to be staring at my torso a lot, which made me feel pretty good.

We got out a good ways and Mark cut the throttle, bringing us down to a good coasting speed. We tooled around the harbor and he at last said he knew of an island to show me. It was one of the smaller ones in the harbor, and further out, but it had an inlet cove. As we entered it felt like a hidden paradise. Pure New England beauty. And us.

Mark killed the engine and we floated. “Whaddya think?”

“Wow,” I said. “I’d have a hard time getting back to civilization.”

“Tell me about it,” he said looking around. God he looked hot in his black polo shirt and shorts, his hairy legs splayed out in front of him. “I’m thinking of taking an early retirement if the market does well.”

“Good for you,” I said. “I gotta lot more years of work ahead of me.”

“What are you? 25?” he asked, knowing full well my exact age. I nodded affirmatively. “How’s work going?” he asked.

“Work’s work. I’m making almost as much doing personal training on the side.”

“I can see why,” he said, now clearly staring at my body again. “Those guys would pay extra just for an up close look at your body, Jim.” Then, “you look better every time I see you.”

I was starting to get turned on by his attention and the thought in the back of my head that something might happen between us again. This weekend, maybe on this boat. It was probably wasn’t the right thing, but I was getting turned on by the idea and felt my crotch start to chub in my shorts.

“You do too, man,” I replied. “Seriously, Mark, you look great.”

Another knowing smile. “I didn’t think you’d accept my invitation,” he finally said.

I gulped a little. It was what our conversation had been dancing around since I arrived earlier that day. “Why not?” I countered. “I always liked hanging out. Even if it didn’t work out between us dating wise.”

I couldn’t see the look in his eyes behind the sunglasses but I could tell he was staring at me, at my body. “Is this what we’re doing? Just hanging out?”

I sat, stunned silent, as he switched off the motor and scooted toward me. His lips felt surprisingly soft, given the suntanned roughness of his skin. It was like I remembered, only better. Mark’s the best kisser I knew and had known, hands down. We made out and impetuously, he gripped my wrist hard and pulled it down to his crotch. The man’s hung, not insanely big, but bigger than average. It took several months before I leaned to suck him properly and another couple before I could get fucked without discomfort. I had a feeling now it would be like riding a bicycle… just climb right on after all this time.

Very nice. That’s likely not the first time that boat has been christened.


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