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That’s all I want in my dog bowl *slurrrppp*

“No, no, Mocha. You are going to spill it.” Sam said this because this happened before. Mocha forgot how big the snout was on this mask, got his big nose too close to the cup, and knocked it over in a vigorous attempt to smell it. Cleaning up steaming hot coffee is never fun, and neither is the lingering scent of stale coffee and old milk. Sam took his cup and walked over to the sofa. His boy trailed behind him.
“No, Mocha, coffee is not good for puppies. We all know that you can’t have dairy, and we all know that you like how it smells, but you don’t like how it tastes black.”
Mocha sat at his Master’s feet and whined. That part was correct at least. Mocha did not like the taste of coffee, but the smell! The smell was heavenly.
Sam drank his drink, and tried to ignore his pup as he listened to the BBC on the TV. It was impossible. Mocha would not be quiet. This had been going on since Sam finally let his boy stay overnight and pup out, but the bad behavior lingered.

A commercial came on for Starbucks. Sam got an idea. He got up – and told Mocha to stay – and went to the kitchen. Sam came back holding something behind his back. Mocha was very interested.
“Roo roo!”
“Sit,” Sam instructed.
Mocha sat.
“Good boy.” Sam walked to Mocha’s pup bed and placed in it the bag of coffee beans – stapled shut to be pup proof. Mocha galloped over, and dove face first into his bed. Sam laughed at his pup’s silly behavior. Mocha smushed his nose against the beans and rubbed his face on it like a cat with catnip. Mocha was making all sorts of happy vocalization too. “There, now. That’s a happy pup.”
Sam stepped over his boy and went back to his seat, and drank his coffee in peace.

Captions are fictional


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