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“Soo uh you’re the new team assistant huh? Goodness, you are a cute little thing. Didn’t think there were many twinks in the NFL.”
“Um…thank you, Mr. Thompson?”
“Call me Bill.”
“Ok, Bill,” he squeaks. “Yes, I’m the new team assistant, Gideon. Anything I could, erm, assistant you with?”
“Matter of fact, there is, Gideon,” Bill drawls. “This is a bit embarrassing but my parents weren’t around much when I was a kid. I never learned to tie laces proper. Think you could help secure me before practice?”
Gideon swallowed. “Uhhh yeah. I uh, think i could do that, Mr. Um. Bill Sir. You have the wrong size shoulder pads on too. But I could um, tie your pants there if you want.”
“Sure, boy. Go ahead.”

The assistant glanced at Bill nervously. He took a step forward, hands hesitant to reach out for those laces. Bill had such a bronzed, toned sto-
“You can touch me, you know, if you want.”
Gideon jumped. “I’m not sure that’s ok…”
“No one’s in here. It’s fine. Lotta women like my abs.”
“I’m not a woman,” Gideon.
“But you gotta pussy nonetheless right? I don’t care. Cute is cute.”
Gideon blushed hard at Bill’s vulgar vocabulary. “Mr. Thompson!”
“Sorry, Gideon. I fear I spoke too strongly.”

“A little,” Gideon said shyly, picking up the laces.
Bill smiled at the skinny blond. “Well, to your comfort level then.”
Gideon nodded. He pulled on the laces with one hand, but got distracted with the abs. He ran his palm up Bill’s tight pack of muscle. “Wow,” he murmured.
“You like abs?” BIll asked.
“You have a great body, Sir,” Gideon agreed.
“I do work out a lot to stay at the top of the team. Nice to hear someone noticed.”
“Oh I notice.”
Bill gave a crooked smile. “Do you now? That’s good. I feel like we’ll get along super great this season then.”
Gideon turned pink again. He wasn’t expecting to get hit on by a player so fast! or at all, really. Matter of fact, he was expecting to be bullied. Gideon tucked his head and refocused on Bill’s pant laces when he noticed something…..

“Mr. Thompson!” Gideon cried out, dropping the laces..
“You are not wearing underwear!”
“Oh shit. I never put on my jock after gym,” Bill replied, and he meant it. “I’m sorry Gideon, I didn’t mean to put my dick in your face the first day.”
Gideon eyed him. “You mean it?”
Bill shrugged. “Well I was hoping to wait until next week…”
Gideon couldn’t help but giggle. “Maybe I’ll want to see it next week. Don’t think I’m going to be team slut from Day 1, though. I don’t give my pussy to anyone so easily.”
“Oh is that so?” Bill asked, stepping forward. “Then I’ll just have something else to work on at practice…”
“Li-like what?” Gideon stammered, feeling hot and bothered.
“Like getting you into the shower naked and letting me fuck you.”
Gideon’s eyes went wide. “Here?”
“Here, my place, a hotel…I don’t care. Just you and somewhere dipping wet.”
“Wow,” Gideon said. “No one has wanted me like that before…”
Bill snorted. “Silly boy. Yes they have. You’re just too naive to know.”
Gideon tried to stammer out a response.

“You hold that thought,” Bill interrupted. “You stay there. I’m gonna go put on a jock. THEN you can tie my pants ok?”
Gideon nodded dumbly. “Yes. Mr. Thompson. I mean, Bill.”
“Atta boy.”
Gideon puffed up a little with pleasure. He was really, really liking his new job. And it would only get better once the other players got here and started changing in the locker room… Gideon wondered what it’d be like to be fucked by Bill in the locker room. His body reacted so fact, he went to splash water on his face to cool down before Bill got back.

If Bill noticed the half chub in his shorts, Bill graciously didn’t say anything.

Captions are fictional


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