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You thought those gala events were boring, but you still went only for the drunk tuxedos and rich cock.

James stood outside of the hotel, waiting for his breathing to regulate. It was cool, nearly cold out here, and it helped take the heat out of his skin. He took the napkin he was holding and wiped his brow with it. It was a bad idea to drink that champagne. He glanced at his watch. His early. Too early. The party was in full swing, but he couldn’t go back in there. He was a walking target for power-hungry women in this industry. James knew everyone in that room knew how much an advisor in the finance industry made. He swore he felt the hands of at least twelve women on his arm tonight. You’re single, James? What are you doing on Friday James? You should stop by sometimes, James, my husband thinks so highly of you… James, did you meet my daughter?

It had been so hot in there. Then, he overheard his boss’s daughter talking to some politician hopeful about how she would donate to help keep the gays from getting power in the city… It was 1994, who in fuck still talked that way?

James exhaled. He wasn’t going back there. Truth was, he didn’t want to go back to work. His doctor said if James didn’t do something, the ulcer in his stomach would get worse.

James had taken a taxi to the hotel like everyone in New York, but trading a stuffy ballroom for a cab made him freak out again. He began to walk. The further he walked, the better he felt. The cold numbed his fingers and fogged his breath, but the panic subsided. He wanted to keep walking forever.

You can’t get far in dress shoes, and even when James began to feel sore, he kept going. When he bothered to look up at the street signs, he was astonished to see he’d walked thirty New York City blocks. Jesus. James sighed. What was he doing? Without a goal, there couldn’t be a journey. As he turned the corner, Jack saw a sign that caught his attention.

It just said ,”Boots”. It appeared to be a bar. A bar with a lot of hot men mingling outside. Jack recognized how they dressed from the magazines he kept in secret. Tight jeans. Tight tanktops. Jack swallowed. Was this where he was meant to be? Was this his destination? Only one way to find out. He walked past the men who were looking at him and went inside.
“Woah did he just run off from a wedding?” one asked.
“He has a nice ass,” another said.

The bar was dim and dance music was playing. Hungry eyes considered him from the bar. James’ head spun at the smell of machismo and leather and suddenly he had to throw up all of that champagne. He ran to the bathroom and made it to the sink just in time, emptying his gut into the sink. “Shit,” he muttered. He instantly felt better though. He washed out his mouth and splashed water on his face. His knees felt like jelly. James stumbled into a stall, put the lid down on the toilet, and sat on it. He closed his eyes and heaved a huge sigh. Things couldn’t stay the same.

As James was thinking, the bathroom door opened and closed. Someone walked into the stall next to him.
“Someone in there?” a low male voice said.
“Uh, yeah,” James said, surprised.
“You wanna be a friend?” the man asked.
James wasn’t sure how to answer – when all of a sudden, a rather large cock thrust through a hole in the wall. James startled. It was so weird to just seeing a bare cock just sticking out of a wall! It was a really nice looking cock though…
The man pushed his balls through. James just stared.
“I’m looking for company tonight,” the man on the other side said again.
“You feel alone too?” James asked the cock.
“Yeah,” the man said.
“What do you do about it?” James followed up.
There was a pause. “You can choose to be alone, but if I chose that, I’d just kill myself. I’m happy to be gay, because I can always go make friends. It helps hold me over until I can find someone to be with.”
James found himself unable to tear his eyes off the man’s erection. “Being gay doesn’t impact your work life?”
“I build stages and sets. In my line of work, it doesn’t matter who you fuck as long as you do your damn job.”
“I need a job like that,” James muttered.
“Well, go get one. Stand up for yourself. You’re a queer in the big city. You fuck who you want, and do what you want. This city is ours as much as is it’s the straights. Succeeding will only piss off the haters and make us stronger.”
“Yeah,” James said, coming to a realization. “It will. I shouldn’t sacrifice myself to appease those people. I am in control of my own destiny, and I shouldn’t choose to be miserable.”
“That’s the spirit. See, you need more gay friends.”
“Yeah, I do…” James murmured. He bent his head and pressed his lips to the stranger’s cock.
He made a noise of surprise and jumped. “Woah!”

James reached up and cupped those impressive balls, suddenly wanting to give in to all of his curiosity. He slid his lips down the man’s shaft, exploring, not wanting to push himself too fast.
“Oh that’s good,” the man murmured. “I think we’re going to be good friends…”
James had to agree. This was actually pretty nice. This guy smelled kind of musky and it was making him horny. Soon he had as much of this guy’s cock stuffed in his mouth as possible and he was jacking off on the toilet. The release was one of the most cathartic experiences he’d ever had, and it seemed to flush all of the irritation out of his system. James didn’t even care that it got on his suit. He didn’t plan to wear it again anyway.

As his jaw was sore, James jerked the other man off until he too spurted. The guy grunted as cum flew. James petted him until soft, then helped cleaned up.
“You’re going to be a very good friend,” the man said.
“Can I see you?” Jack asked.
“Sure. Let me buy you a drink at the bar. You drink?”
“Anything but champagne.”

The next day, Jack marched into his boss’s office to put in his two day notice. He didn’t have things figured out quite yet, but he couldn’t figure things out working 50 hours a week. He wanted to be free. Right now, he only had a new friend, but it was a very good start.

Captions are fictional.


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