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Daddy always insisted that I do the housework on Saturday morning, even if I had been out the night before with friends and was suffering with a horrendous hangover. Daddy liked routine and this was part of it. Another part of the Saturday morning routine was the way that Daddy would sit reading his morning paper at the kitchen table, as he drank his coffee. His white robe would be open and he’d absentmindedly stroke his thick Daddy cock as I worked and he relaxed. He’d often shift his chair so he was facing whichever direction I was working. It never took long for my hangover to recede and be replaced by a deep hunger for my Daddy and his powerful cock, but I knew that I wouldn’t be rewarded until I’d been a good boy and completed the house work. I was bending over to wipe down the kitchen cupboards and suddenly felt daddy’s thighs against mine and his long soft uncut cock fitting into the length of my arse crack. Without moving my arse I turned my shoulders and head so I could look up at him.

He reached over me and opened a cupboard “Sorry buddy, just needed to get a glass” He had such a cheeky twinkle in his eye. I flexed my arse muscles and ground my body into his crotch. I consciously didn’t decide to do this, my body was just helpless to do anything else. 

He looked at me with his penetrating blue eyes and pressed a bit harder into me. “Son, you know the rule. Tell Daddy the rule.”

I sighed/groaned a little as I felt my cock throbbing hard as a rock. “Housework first….then play time with Daddy”

“Good boy, now carry on.” As he said this last bit he lightly spanked my right arse cheek a couple of times then walked away, holding my eyes until had sat down again, poured himself some orange juice and picked up his paper. 

I worked faster. 

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Here’s a sexy little story that showed up on my dash.


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