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It’s been 6 days now since Sir @perceptivedominance put on my HolyTrainer so it’s time for an update.

The fit is great, the ring is tighter than my old one so it stays put, it looks super pretty and now there two black cocks in the house 😋

On the downside, the morning boners increased threefold so it’s hard to get a good night sleep. The material is a little harder to clean than metal so it smells like pee a lot as well as all my undies so it’s a good thing i’m filthy!

Now, the main part of my experience revolves around horniness! Being out of chastity for 2 or 3 months was actually harder than i thought it was. my sex drive was getting dangerously low and i wasn’t feeling as submissive as one should be when serving a Sir like mine! 😍

Since putting it on i literally cannot control myself! i am horny 24/7. i wake up thinking about sex and i go to bed thinking about sex! i dream about sex and even on a day like yesterday when i got fucked for 4hrs + all i could think about was getting more cock!

It’s very distracting yet very welcomed because i really do love sex and not having the drive was affecting my mood a lot!

i also feel a lot more fem and sissy with it! i see it as my clit! i don’t really wanna play with it except for the fact that cumming would stop the horniness for a while but i would rather embrace the fire in my hole and indulge it!

So overall amazing buy i don’t regret it for a second despite the price tag and Sir is very happy with me too 😉

I swear this sounds like something I would write. This is even better because it’s real!


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