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There’s some important quiz thing you’re supposed to be taking, but you hate chemistry and you’re much more interested in physical reactions than chemical ones. Mainly, physical reactions named after elements like Peter, the strong jawed rugby captain of your high school team. Hot studs like Peter were always straight and resigned to fantasies of bulges in jock straps and fooling around in the shower.

You always showered in gym after most guys in your gym class left because you couldn’t bear the sight of all that hot, young cock strolling around the locker room. Teenagers are often far too casual with their nudity – boys especially – and you couldn’t take it.
But day after school you were showering, late as always, and Peter had stayed behind to run some laps after classes. Of course, he walked in on you jerking off in the shower, holding a jockstrap some kid forgot about. Humiliating.

Except – Peter then asked, in a nervous voice, if he could join you. You didn’t know what he meant by that, but it soon came about that he wanted to help you. you nearly fainted from nervous apprehension, but if Peter was curious about other guy’s penises then you were of course going to let him explore yours. Of course. Duh.

Peter though, was a wild boy. You fell totally under his spell. You both gave eachother an outlet for sexual energy, and Peter was spilling over with it. So when he texted you to duck out of class in the middle of a test so you could make out in the boy’s bathroom? Of course. Duh. It’s only a quiz. You could make that quiz up later when your thoughts weren’t full of Peter’s hardness in his slacks searing hot and throbbing against your hand.

You had a bit of an issue explaining to your parents why your chemistry grade dropped from an A to a B though.

Captions are fictional.


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