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cooking up some hot sausage 😉


“Yes dear?”
“Do you want me to leave the sausage long and curved, or should I cut it up so it will fit in your mouth easier?”
There was a distinct sound of water being spit out. “Jesus boy!”
Mad giggling came from the kitchen. “I think long and curved is better. It fits in a bun sooo much better. Holds the spicy flavor in much better too. Nice and -” There was a sizzling sound as the meat hit the pan. “Hot.
“Dammit boy. I’m trying to watch the game here.”
“Watching men play with one big ball? I mean, I’m in here and I have two.”
“That’s it. You get in here so I can spank you.”
“I’m cooking! I can’t leave the food or it’ll burn. Come in here and spank me.”

The boy heard the television being muted and footsteps as his man came into the kitchen. “Now I told you about bothering…”
The boy looked over his shoulder. “Hm?”
“You’re cooking in my favorite jockstrap. And that T-shirt that fits you really well.”
“Am I? Just too hot to wear pants in here.”
“Your ass looks so hot. Mmn…I think we need to warm up the buns before dinner.”
“Oh! Honey you’re hands are cold! Oh! Oh my – Oh my god, you are not going to fuck me standing up against the counter? Oh my god you are.”
“Either that or a spanking?”
“Well duh of course I want you to fuck me.”
“Be careful not to burn the sausage though. Or I will spank you.” His man picked up the yet unused spatula sitting on the counter and smacked the boy on the ass with it, making him jump and squeak. “Like that. Now watch the food while I enjoy my appetizer.”

Captions are fictional. Cute butt on that boy :3


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