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Someone sets a cup on my desk. The hand sets it down by the lid, which detaches perfectly, revealing a beautiful display of a leaf drawn in foam and a puff of whipped cream. “Oh shit. Oh good it didn’t fall over,” says the familiar voice. I glance up from my computer. There was Ollie, the hottest guy in the office, with his neatly trimmed beard, flannel shirt, and hipster glasses. Warm smile. Forest-scented cologne. “Um,” Ollie says again.
“Is this for me?” I inquire, surprised. I didn’t ask for it, and Ollie doesn’t normally ask me when he goes on coffee runs.
“Yeah,” he says, sounding a little nervous. “I just…I heard what happened with your client bailing on paying you, and that just sucks. No one should have to cry at work. I really admire the graphic work you do. And it’s freakin’ cold today so um. Figured it might cheer you up.”
I stare at Ollie astonished. My cheeks feel warm. “Wow. That’s just – really nice of you. So nice of you, Ollie. Yeah it does suck, and I am going to sue his ass, but it’s so nice to hear that someone does think I do good work around here.” I pick up the cup and smell it. “Ohh it’s chai.”
Ollie smiles wide. “Fyew. I’m glad you like it.”
I smile back. “Thank you Ollie.” There’s an awkward moment of silence, then he starts to go and I say, “Hey.”
Ollie pauses. “Yes?”
“Um…I’m having trouble picking a color palette for this new job. It’s a natural clothing company, but they’re sick of green and brown. Think I could get your opinion on it?”
Ollie brightens. “Yeah, for sure. Let me go get my pantones.”
“Sure, go ahead.”

He jogs off and I take a moment to sip my chai. It’s delicious and fills my chest with warmth. I no longer feel like I’m going to burst into tears again at any second. I mean, the hottest guy in the office just brought me chai. My day just got instantly better. When Ollie comes back, I pull up a chair for him and we work side by side…and I get to smell that cologne all I want. My heart won’t stay still the entire time. I’m sure something is wrong with me, but I could watch him finger his pantone swatch cards all day.

Captions are fictional.


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