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Raul walks out of the surf. “Why are you looking at me like that?” he asks as I toss him a towel.
“Cause you’re simply beautiful.”
“You know,” he says, “Everyone has told me I’m beautiful my whole life…but this time, I actually believe it.”
“Oh?” I say, terribly smitten. “Why?”

“Because I can see your boner through your towel,” Raul laughs.
I glance down immediately. I was definitely tenting. I look up and offer a sheepish grin. I flash my towel open and shut quickly.
Raul makes a strangled noise and his eyes go wide at the sight of my bare penis. “You’re naked under there!”
“As the day I was born! I took my shorts off earlier. I was cold.”
“Fuck that’s sexy.”
“Is it?” I ask, rearranging my towel around my waist.
Raul strides up from the surf and puts his arm around my shoulders, then leans in for a kiss. We share a passionate expression of our love, then Raul slides his hand into the folds of my towel, seeking me. When his cool hands find the warm flesh of my cock. I groan upon contact, and then even louder still as he begins to stroke me. I rest my forehead on Raul’s shoulder and licked the seawater off of the skin of his neck, occasionally interrupted by a moan escaping my lips. 
“Oh Raul,” I moan.
“Spread your legs a little.”
I obediently shuffle my feet apart in the sand. Raul cups my balls, then rubs the skin behind it with his middle fingerpad. I cry out and goosebumps break out on my skin. Raul continues to rub me from hole to hole, until I’m whimpering. We’re standing there, visible to anyone else walking on the beach, or anyone with binoculars. But it’s a cloudy day and we’re at a distance from major traffic spots, so we’re it feels like we have the beach to our-self. A lone seabird caws out overhead. I close my eyes and listen to the waves crash. Occasionaly a bold wave washes over our feet.
“Raul I’m-! …Ah-!” I stammer.
Raul’s fingers pull on my shaft with a strong grip. I embrace his body and lean on him as I climax. My cum shoots straight down, splattering on the sand. The ocean rises up and and sweeps it away. My toes curl into the wet sand until the climaxes too washes over me and ebbs away. My knees feel weak.
“Oh Raul,” I breath, panting into the nook between his shoulder and neck.
Raul kisses my jaw and pets me until I was soft, threading his fingers through my pubic hair and dislodging the sand. “You know, I may be the hottest man alive, but you are the sexiest,” he finally says. “You just make this urge rise up in me. I must touch you. You smell so good when you’re aroused. No one has ever gotten under my skin like this before.”
“Should I apologize?” I ask, a bit dazed still.
“Never,” Raul says sternly. 
I grasp the back of his wet hair and plunder his mouth. When we break for air, I say, “I can feel your hardness against my hip. Why don’t we go back to our blanket and let me take care of you?” 
“Oh I’d like that,” Raul says with a smile. “Fuck, I feel like I could spend an eternity on this beach with you.”
“I would love nothing more than that,” I agree, nuzzling him. “But you will eventually get hungry.”
“Can we order food to be delivered to the beach?”
“You mean we can’t survive on wine and rosemary crackers?”
“God I wish…”
“Yeah me too. I’m not sure if we can get delivery here. We can find out later. But right now…”
“What?” Raul asks.
I tug on his wrist. “Come to the blanket.”
“What’s there?” Raul ask again, teasing me.
“Blowjobs,” I reply, casually.
“Oh. Oh in that case, I wish I were there already.”
I laugh, a light melodic sound that I know Raul loves. I can see his affection for me when he looks at me. It’s so intense that I almost have to glance away.

Captions are fictional.


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