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Donovan crawled into bed. “Honey are you up?”
“Mmnn sort of. Comfy. Come snuggle me,” Brandon requested.
Donovan spooned up behind him and put an arm around his lover’s waist. “Did your art projects wear you out?”
“Mmnn somewhere between the scrapbooking and decoupaging that lampshade I just got hit with the case of the sleepies.”
Donovan chuckled. “Well, we didn’t do much sleeping last night.”
Brandon chuffed through his nose. “No, we did not. God bless your stamina.”
“You know we won’t sleeping much soon.”
“…What babe?”
Donovan pulled his lover close to him tight. “When we’re parents I mean.”
“Oh,” Brandon said with a disappointed sigh. “Like that’s going to happen, considering the last two embryos didn’t take.”
Donovan was glad he was behind Brandon so he couldn’t see him smiling. “But the last one did.”
Brandon was quiet for a moment. “What?”
“Samantha’s pregnant. Three weeks along. Doctor confirmed today.”

“Oh my god are you serious?” Brandon asked, turning awkwardly around.
“Dead serious.”
“Serious serious??”
“She sent me a photo of three positive tests,” Donovan insisted.
“Oh – oh my god. Oh my god, baby,” Brandon gasped, too astonished to even cry. “We’re going to be dads.”
Donovan cupped his lover’s cheek and guided their lips together. Brandon wrapped his fingers around Donovan’s arm, which was grabbing his own, and squeezed really hard as he tried to keep his emotions in check. 
“Donny-,” Brandon managed before his voice cracked. Donovan soothed him with kisses.
“I know,” Donovan murmured, punctuating it with a sniffle. “Everything is wonderful now.”

Captions are fictional. Apparently this is Dion Yorkie and Sebb Argo, a YouTube couple.


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