Why do you only reblog the same looking white guys? Why does the gay community have such a strong facet to worship white masculinity


There are two types of bloggers on Tumblr.

The first type are creators. They see that a blog niche isn’t covered and they make a blog to take advantage of that. For example, say you can’t find blogs on….. say, effeminate dark-skinned guys- or whatever you’re into. If a creator blogger can’t find blogs, then the creator blogger will create his own blog. There’s a blog for every kind of audience on Tumblr- especially with porn, holy fucking shit. Rule 34 is very, very real. Creators of porn blogs tend to accumulate followers quickly. It is not hard to make an audience hard.

The second type of bloggers are complainers. They go on Anon and send messages to people using strange phrases such as “the same looking white guys” and “strong facet to worship white masculinity.” They tend to waste people’s time with questions about power hierarchies and social constructs for reasons unknown, but it is speculated that complainers must have a fetish for being angry and outraged, and they look for things on the internet that will get them angry (this is sometimes called “Clickbait”), much in the same way a porn surfer looks up looks certain categories of videos to fap to.

Unlike real life where you get whatever hand Fate deals you, on Tumblr you actually get to pick what kind of blogger you are. That’s what makes Tumblr such a great place to be.

Choose wisely.

This whiner is also ignoring the fact that Tumblr users are just reblogging what porn companies make and photographers shoot. In the same way that a child wants a doll the same color they, people want what is familiar so they can relate to it (and fantasize about it). Also I think there are more white men doing porn than any other race in Western porn, and the biggest porn companies featuring mostly white actors. So, that is what people reblog on Tumblr. Also, porn companies have a difficult time diversify their roster without it resorting to racial fetishes. So lay off whiners.


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