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Rudolph the red-thonged reindeer~

Had a very shiny gag~

And if you ever saw him~

You’d say “what a total fag!”~

Merry Christmas tumblr! 🙂

“What a cute little faggot reindeer,” Santa chuckled, eating one of the cookies left for him. “You’re supposed to be in bed aren’t you?”
The boy shrugged and looked at the floor shyly.
“Well, I can’t be mad at a boy that wants to wait up for Santa.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box, then set it on the coffee table. “This is for you.”
The fag’s eyes lit up.
“Too small to fit under the tree you see. Just for you. Shhh.”
Then to the boy’s surprise, Santa winked at him then disappeared into a red poof of smoke. He sat on his butt and tried to contemplate what just happened. The base of the tree was littered with presents. The boy rubbed his eyes. The little box was still on the table. The box and the lid were wrapped separately so it was easy to open. Inside was a tiny bullet vibrator. There was a thud on the roof and the boy rushed to the window to see a shadow sail into the night. He couldn’t believe it! Santa had known exactly what he wanted. He’d been a good faggot after all.

Text is fictional. I hijacked your post, @lickerpup.


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