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I had a crush on Cody forever. He was so adorable, yet so shy – the founder of the programming club at our small community college and also a member of our archery team. It took me forever to befriend him and coax him over for ‘movie night’. It was blistering hot and our AC crapped out, so my apartment was sweltering. It was Cody who surprised me and asked if we could just hang out in our underwear. Uh, no, I did not mind.

Around 3 am, Cody askd if we could just share my oversized queen bed instead of him crashing on the sofa cause he was sticking to the leather. Again, uh, no, I do not mind. My heart was racing and I was terrified of getting an inappropriate boner. Luckily it waited to spring up until after the lights off. Cody was very brave and gave me a good night kiss, and it took me forever to fall asleep because I could not stop thinking about how much I loved feeling his soft firm lips against my own. I was excited for what the morning would bring. I ran through lots of fantasies about morning wood, showers, kitchen foolery…

It was past 4:30 when I reached my cock. I had to clear my head so I could sleep a little – but then everything began to shake. The bed, the walls, the ceiling, it all creaked and rolled. I kept still, waiting to see if it was going to be The Big One or not. Cody woke up with a shot. He cried out into the darkness, fumbling in the sheets, panicking.

The earthquake subsided, just a small 4.8 passing through. I’d forgotten Cody had only lived here for a year, fresh from Iowa, not used to California peculiarities I quickly turned on the lamp and began to work on reassuring him, grabbing his wrists and talking to him in a soft soothing voice. He was not immediately convinced that there wasn’t a bigger quake coming and we were all going to die. I was concerned that Cody was sweating, his eyes dilated and chest fluttering.

Eventually, I pulled out my phone and found a thread on Reddit to show him that others in our area were underwhelmed by it it too. The epicenter wasn’t anywhere close. I prevented Cody from having an anxiety attack but he was nervous. I swallowed hard, gathered my courage, and pulled him into my arms.
“Don’t worry,” I said, “I’ll protect you.”

How exactly I planned to do that against a quake, I don’t know, but it sated Cody. He pushes himself against me, seeking safety and reassurance in my arms.
“You’re a good friend,” Cody admitted softly to me before falling back asleep, pressed against my chest. I was only awake a bit longer, just long enough to ponder how warm and sweet-smelling he was before drifted off. 

Lo and behold we woke up like that, tangled, morning woods trapped in our underwear.  I was awake for a long while before Cody, just appreciating him and enjoying his presence while I dozed in and out. Eventually Cody woke up.

Initially he was embarrassed about his cock being hard, but when I whispered, “mine is too,” Cody seemed to loose some of his shyness from the night before. We rocked together for a bit, Cody pressing into my thigh; then he rolled over on top of me and we began to kiss. My world began to spin far harder than it had shaken last night. I snaked a hand around to cup his ass then all bets were off. We spent all morning making out, humping, eventually tossing away our sticky underwear so we could play skin to skin.

I never thought I would be thanking Mother Nature for getting me to first and second base. God bless that 4.8.

Text is fictional. I feel like I posted this already… anyone know who these cuddlebugs are?


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