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Everyone was watching the pups because they were silly and fun, so I was surprised when no one seemed to take interest in an injured pup leaving the ring. He was shuffling around on rather painful asphalt without his kneepads. He was looking around for his Master, and seemingly having trouble with the cone on. I jogged over, hoping to help. When he saw me, the pup began to whimper loudly. 
“Hey boy, what’s a matter?” I could see that his knees were red from kneeling. I took off my hoodie and put it on the ground. The pup crawled onto it immediately, then lowered his head and began to whine. I leaned over and patted his shoulder. “Poor boy, you must be in pain…your arm, your knees. Where is your Master?” I looked around, but no one was around. “Damn him…”’
The pup let out a howl and people began to notice. I was unsure what to do when I saw a man running over. He was shaved bald, wearing black latex pants with a red stripe down them, tall combat boots, and tattoo sleeves. “Keeper Keeper Keeper, I’m here – I’m here, I’m here. I’m so sorry, baby, I just went to use the bathroom. Your Master is here, don’t worry now.” He knelt before his pup and cupped his check. Keeper pressed his cheek against his Master’s hand and whined. The man looked at me. “What happened?”
I shrugged. “I don’t know. I saw him leaving the ring on his knees and it looked painful so I gave him my hoodie.”
The man’s face softened. “That was right kind of you, thank you. My pup broke his arm a few days ago, and I think his pain meds are starting to wear off. I didn’t want him to come but he was looking forward to this camping trip so much I couldn’t say no to…well, you know.”
“Puppy eyes?”
“Exactly,” the man responds with a sigh. “My poor baby. Ok Keeper, let’s get you some more pain meds and your knee pads back on.”
Keeper seemed mollified and lowered his volume of whimpering. He licked his Master’s hand, then tried to lick his bandaged arm. He made a noise of annoyance when the collar prevented him from doing so. The bald man gave Keeper reassurance and sympathy, then looked at me. “My name’s Zeiger.”
“Smith,” I replied. We shook hands.
“Would you mind just watching him for one more minute while I get his meds?”
“Not a problem.”

I stood guard while Zeiger ran off to get the medication bottle, some water, and the knee pads. I was kind of fascinated, watching the man care of his pup so intently. The guy looked terrifying but he was a softie and his pup obviously loved him. A few minutes later I got my hoodie back. 
“All better now Keeper?” I asked.
Keeper pressed himself against me and nuzzled my leg; he made that same annoyed noise when he tried to lick me but couldn’t. I chuckled. “Poor boy.”
“He has been ultra pitiful lately,” Zeiger agreed.
“Well, at least the arm will heal and he’ll be back to his normal self soon enough hm?”
“That’s what the doctor says.” 

We watched Keeper turn to face the woods and start to pull on his leash. 
Zeiger raised an eyebrow. “What now?”
His pup looked at him and with a sheepish eyebrow, raised his leg. Poor Keeper. He couldn’t get his cock out of that suit with only one hand.
Zeiger chuckled and scratched Keeper’s back before giving him a pat on the flank. “Goodness you are sooo needy today.”
I shook my head. “You must be an efficient person. I could never keep up with a pup.”
Zeiger glanced my way. “Well, when boy is pupping there is often a moment when you sync together and be on the same page – you react to what he does, he responds to you – it’s a pretty powerful thing.” He smiled at his pup. “Not for everyone, but it’s perfect for us.”
I smiled too. “How inspiring. I love happy couples.”
Keeper whined and pulled at his leash.
Zeiger snorted. “Ok ok! We’re going to go find you a tree now!”
“Have fun!” I called out. I was a little jealous. God, they had such great chemistry.

Text is fictional. This photo is watermarked.


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