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Yes. This is good. Master is happy. If he’s happy, I’m happy. He’s got his latte in his favorite cup with that organic milk that was on sale. He’s wearing his favorite casual shorts that I washed last night, and I know he’s free-ballin in there because he’s got nothing else going on’ today. I love knowing his cock is comfortable too. Maybe he’ll let me service it later.
He’s reading one of the books I picked at the library – and he is liking it! I did good. If he likes the ending, I might get a reward. God, he is so hot. I am so lucky to sit at his feet and await his commands. I could watch him read all day. I could listen to him read the phone book all day. Hell, I could watch him sleep all night. I have watched him sleep before though…his dick twitches a lot when he’s unconscious. Very entertaining. Yes, he’s happy. Content. I’m a good boy. I can’t wait until he needs something else. I’m going to make him happy forever.

Oh my god. He’s looking at me. Why is he looking at me like that? God he is so dreamy. Am I bothering him? Shit. Was there something I forgot to do? What do I say? 
Oh he’s smiling! This is good. That’s a cheeky smile, not a horny smile or a you’re-gonna-get-it smile. 
“You are so cute.” He then rubs the top of my fuzzy head and cuffs the back of my skull before going back to his book.
……oh my god did that just happen? Master thinks I’m cute! My face feels so red. Master thinks I’m cute. I am going to die from loving him so much. I think I’m going to nuzzle his legs and curl up around his feet for a while and recover from this.

Text is fictional.


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