Do you have any other caption blogs you’d suggest?

Hi there, thanks for writing. Uh, captionstojerkby​ is annoyingly good. bookofbaitnate used to write but doesn’t so much anymore. femme4masc​ is very consistent if you like that fetish. Same deal with chirenon​. He does some gay chastity photoshop comics which I stick around for, but then completely derails with penis shrinking cuck fetishes and also forced het pony play so there’s uh…variety (I just keeeep scrolling). There was one more bdsm themed one that I can’t fricking find right now. When I locate it, I’ll post it. All their posts end with the bound boy going ‘mmmffgggg??’ in some capacity. Anyone know it? 

Also – I really like reading the real-life stories between gayboykink​ and his boyfriend, the-kinky-bf​. It’s been a delight watching them grow as a couple.


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