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“Have you seen my coffee? I set it down some-”
“I put it by your keys so you wouldn’t forget it.”
“Ugh, you know me so well,” he chuckles.
I smile. “I do. Don’t forgot we have dinner with my parents after work.”
“Uh huh,” he says, hurredly shuffling papers into his briefcase. “Didn’t forget. I won’t be late.”
“Good. I’ll meet you there with Olivia. I’m taking her to her check-up at 9, and then getting groceries.”
“Don’t forget barbeque sauce,” he says, latching the case.
I blink. “Oh that’s not on the list, thank you. Did you have enough to eat?”
“Yes. I gotta go love. Gonna be late.”
“Hey hey wait!”
“What?” he asks, a bit flustered.
I grab his tie and pull him in for a kiss. “Just that.” I begin to release him. “Oh, and one other thing.” I pull him close to me again and whisper in his ear. “I’m going to come by at lunch-time and let you fuck me in the bathroom.”
He’s speechless. I give him another kiss on the cheek and smile as I smooth his tie. “Have a nice day at work, honey.”
“I – I will,” he stammers. “Thank you.”

He gives me a hungry look, then reluctantly leaves for work. Two minutes later, I’m chasing him down the driveway with the portable coffee container in my hand, Olivia squealing happily at my side.

Text is 100% fictional. The gif is from the TV show Shameless, but the text is not intended to portray their characters.


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