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“I’m going to the gym, boy. I want dinner cooking when I get back.”
“Yes sir.”
“Use lots of butter on the potatoes, and make sure not to put in any cilantro onto the roast because Tom hates that stuff.”
“Yes sir.”
“And don’t you dare burn the meat, it was an expensive cut.”
“Yes sir.”
“Glad you don’t have a hearing problem. Oh and wear your plug, I’m gonna be horny when I get back. I expect Josh will want to fuck you too.”
“Yes sir.”
“Glad we’re on the same page. Bye, fag!”

I wait until he goes before letting out the sigh. Bruce is the most aggressive alpha of the group and he makes me nervous. He’s a spoiled rich kid. When he gets angry, he gets rough, so I try not to upset him much. I don’t want to upset anyone or ruin my situation. All through high school I wanted to join a frat in college, but it was just too much for my parents to afford. I could barely afford tuition! Luckily, I was able to talk to the fraternity organizer and he helped me find a house that was willing to work with me. I wasn’t a pledge, I was something better. Still, they had some strange rules – I was not allowed to wear clothing. I had to do the cooking, and the cleaning, on top of my homework. 
It was a lot of hard work, but the pay off was great though. I got to live here for free, earn a monthly stipend, and mingle with the sons of wealthy families. This, in theory, would help me get a job in finance after I graduated.

Tom was one of the quieter boys here. A literature major. He was the first one I offered sexual services too, and soon others began to ask about blowjobs and handjobs. It quickly escalated to sex. I was nervous for a while, but they were all pretty gentle with me. Felt pretty good actually knowing I was appealing that way. However, nothing went on in this frat that Bruce didn’t know about it, and Bruce wasted no time in claiming my ass too. He just left me sore, but I put up with him anyway. He had a small, crooked dick. No doubt couldn’t satisfy his girlfriend at all. Might be why he was always so cranky.

I pulled some ingredients out of the fridge, thinking about sex. Josh had a nice cock though. I wouldn’t mind if he came home before Bruce and fucked me. He always liked my cooking too. I turned on the oven and opened the butcher paper wrapped around the meat. It was nice to serve these men here. I think more than any of my classes, it’s training me for work in a corporate environment where there’s always something higher ranked than you. I wasn’t content being on the bottom though. I was going to the boss of one of these boys one day. I just hoped it was Bruce. I smirked. I could just see it now, the look on his face, when he found out a submissive was going to be his boss. Ha!

Wait, was I forgetting something? Oh yeah, gotta put in my plug before I start.

Text is fictional. This is Brady Jensen and Lance Alexander.


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