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Sore muscles?


@the-kinky-bf just came home from a mountain bike weekend. He had sore muscles, so of course I offered to give him a massage after dinner. He loves that.
So he undressed, jumped on the bed and let me oil his lower back for some rough squeezing and kneading. He moaned when I hit the right places like I was giving a hell of a blowjob. So I massaged harder just to hear him moan, almost sensually. I got hard just from those sounds.

I playfully kneaded his ass every now and then as well. Just for fun. After some teasing nibbling and licking I knew he was getting hard, even though he was laying on his tummy.
‘Seems like I’m straining’, I said staring at the bulge in my jeans. ‘You’re locked up?’, he asked. I nodded with a cheeky grin. ‘… and I gave everything a nice shave down there as well.’
‘Oh, show me!’, he responded.
I undressed teasingly slow, especially when I pulled down my tight undies.
‘What else did you do today? Something naughty?’
I thought about the pics I made for Tumblr, the fact I wore my collar the whole day and my chastity which always makes me eager for playing around with dildos.
‘I had some fun with a few toys’, I said while I laid myself down next to bf. ‘I missed you a bit this weekend.’
‘Well I’m here now.’
Bf turned around to lay on his back and I noticed a small stain of precum as he did so. He was hard. He told me he had a big load to give and waved his dick around while looking at me.
‘Just sit down, dear. You’ve been practicing today don’t you? Show me.’

I smiled, no dildo fucks like bf’s dick that’s fot sure. It started with some little squeezes in his ass during a massage and now I was about to ride his leaking dick. I’m not complaining.
I crawled on top if him, gave him some kisses in his neck and licks on his cheeks before I got a dab of lube and hovered my ass over his cock. When I was about to sit down, bf forcefully threw his hips up, fully penetrating me in one rough thrust. I yelped out loud. Not out of pain, hell no, but out of pure surprise.
Bf smiled. ‘You’ve rawlly been practicing right?’ He was right. I was loose from this afternoon’s dildo play and he noticed immediately.
I humped up and down with my chastity bumping against his stomach, straining as always.
After a few minutes bf pushed me back, he wanted me to lay down on my back. The ultimate position to get to my g-spot and get me moaning like a mess. And that ws exactly what happened. He was rough, but he knew exactly what he was doing: Pounding the heck out of me and bashing my prostate to get some precum flowing from my caged dick. Within minutes he came inside me and collapsed on top of me with his dick still in my ass.

He laughed. Bf tends to get out the mood quickly after cumming, but every time I’m laying there. Horny, squirming, still panting and moaning with my throbbing chastity and leaking ass and cock. Fuck I’m horny. I need more. Not now, bf says. He needs a power nap after such a long sportive weekend.
All I can do is wonder whether his sore muscles are gone after such an intense fuck or if I should wake him up for round number two? I think I’ve made a decision.

See kids, if you skip church on Sundays you can get this instead.


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