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“Leave us.”
Porter watches his henchmen go, before turning his attention to his new toy. His men had washed and shaved him, before putting him back in his underwear for display.
“You are quite a catch. Healthy. Strong. Will be useful at the docks. Now i’m gonna tell you this once and only once. You’re life could have ended yesterday at the end of my gun. You fucked up real good, but I know you were stealin’ to take care of your mama. I’ve given you mercy, so now your life is mine. You are my indentured man now. I expect you to be obedient and not too uppity. You will work when I say so, keep my bed warm at night, and your mom will get a nice deposit from now on. But the more you act up, the more you disobey the less she gets. So you be a good boy now, and we won’t have any problems.”
“N-n-no Sir. Thank you Sir.”
“That’s what I thought. You got a right head on you. You’ll learn fast. Now you will kneel in respect when I walk into a room. Back straight now. Knees together. Hands behind your back. Excellent. Remember that, I will test you. Now Roberts will show you to your quarters and get you fitted for a chastity device.”
“A – a what?”
“A chastity device, boy. You are going to have to earn every single privilege starting from zero. Down to the fork you eat with, and the cock you masturbate with.”
He stares at Porter with huge eyes.
“Don’t worry, you won’t be the only one in my squad with one on. Surely you can make some friends.” Porter grinned.

The boy worked his jaw, then stared at the carpet. He tried not to think about what was ahead but…it was better than jail. Or a coffin. And his mom got her medication and apartment paid for. He had no future anyway – a high school drop out, a delinquent who stole for cash. His only other job had been a drug runner. Porter was offering him a future, in a twisted sort of way. It was his only choice.

“Yes…. yes Sir. I don’t like the idea of the chastity cage Sir but…is it going to hurt?”
“No boy. You might feel some tightness. Any ache, you tell me, and I’ll fix it.”
“…Thank you Porter.”

“Good boy. Roberts! Come on here, get him fitted and take him to his quarters please until dinner.”
Roberts came back into the room. “Aye aye Captain. Alright, boy, come with me. And don’t you give me no shit, cause I’m not nearly as patient as ol’ Porter here. Man you’re a cute little thing.” He grinned. “You’re gonna fit in juuuust fine.”

Text is fictional. This looks like Bound Gods to me…


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