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But it’s such a nice day!

You just mean it’s sunny.  Remember when there was that thunderstorm and you stayed in bed with us all day?  That was a nice day.

Exactly!  So I’ll save you for a rainy day!

All of us?  But we are so many!  Anyway, why get hot and tired and sweaty?  Stay in!  We’ll look after you.

But I want to go places.

We can take you places.  Middle Earth, Earthsea, Anarres, Flatland, Wonderland, Utopia.

Real places!

You mean like Alaska or Shanghai or Glastonbury or Constantinople or the Sea of Tranquility?  Because you won’t actually go to those places if you go outside, if you’re being honest with us.

I suppose not.

But we can give it all to you.  Just trust us.  Don’t leave us.

OK.  I guess.  I’ll stay in and read today.

You know it’s what you want.

I suppose.  Maybe I’ll go out tomorrow.  Did you — did you say Constantinople?

We did: come, let us tell you of illustrious Belisarius, the last true Roman.

I realized I’d been illustrating for nearly three hours and decided to take a break before my back cramped. I leaned back in my chair and stretched. I cleaned my paintbrush and tucked away my beloved watercolors. My client would be happy with this piece. I tilted my head and I listened for the sounds of Clark around the house. Silence. I wondered where he was.

I push away from my desk and stood up, seeking Clark. I check the kitchen, pausing for a glass of sweet tea, before inspecting the living room. I check our bedroom and found him there. He was so immersed in his books, he didn’t even hear me enter.
“Clark,” I say softly.
He glances over his shoulder, “Oh hi,” he said, with a smile, “You done with work?”
“Taking a break. You been reading?”
“Yep,” he says, matter of factly.
“Are any of em good?”
“Two in particular, I’ll leave them on your night stand later.”

I nod and lean against the door frame, watching him in passive wonder. There have to be at least a dozen books floating in mid air, all suspended in an open position. After a moment, all the pages turn at the same time. When you date a telekenetic, you have to adjust to fantastical sights and behavior because your boyfriend needs to have a place he feels normal and safe, where he doesn’t look like a freak. Clark’s brain requires insane amounts of stimulation. When bored for long periods of time, he can feel physically ill.

The library system in our town gave Clark a limitless library card so he can check out massive amount of books at the same time. He goes through about a hundred books a week. Two is a particularly low return rate for this bunch. He gives his favorites to me, so I can make a list of the authors and to read them for myself. 

“Is it still raining Clark?”
He pauses reading to lift the blinds and peer out. “A little. Wanna go for a rain walk when it’s over?” Clark loves the scent and sight of our rural neighborhood after it rains.

“I’d love to, babe,” I say, and set my glass on a coaster on the nightstand. Clark nods and turns his attention back to his task.
I walk over to him and sit down behind him with my legs crossed, and wrap my arms around his warm torso. He sighs in contentment as I rest my head against the back of his neck. For a moment, I’m content to listen to his heart beat and feel the heat radiating under his skin. Then, my hands start to wander over his abs and his thighs.
Clark mutters a half-hearted protest, “Benjamin,” as if scolding a misbehaving child. I ignore it and continue on, pushing up his shirt with one hand. My fingers find a nipple and thumb it; Clark gasps and one of the books falls to the floor with a bang.
I snicker and rub the crease between his thigh and his crotch with my fingertips, enjoying feeling him shudder and squirm under me..
Ben,” he protests again, a bit more breathy this time. Another book slowly descends and rests on the floor.
“mm what?”
“You’re very distracting.”
“I love the way you smell,” I say instead. “You smell like warm mint tea. And a hint of sandalwood, and your own scent. It makes me horny.” I oh-so-gently cup his unrestrained bulge in his shorts.
Ben!” he gasps.
I chuckle and begin to kiss his neck and nibble on his ear. “How about you save your books for bedtime and we kill some time before the rain ends hm?”
“Goddamn,” Clark whispers, closing his eyes as he enjoys me fondling him between the legs. After a moment, he says, “Ben?”
“I don’t know if i ever told you this, but you know when you touch me – like how you are now – I can’t multitask anymore. It’s like you shut that part of me off. It’s so strange and liberating. Hey, maybe that’s your super power.”
I scoff. It’s be a long-running inside joke that I had an undiscovered superpower too, we just hadn’t found it yet. “I don’t think so, Clark. I think it’s just being a good boyfriend.”
“Mmnnf it feels good,” he admits.
I watch as the other books begin to sink toward the floor. I press my fingers on either side of his cock still tucked in his shorts and stroke until a wet strain starts to flourish. Clark leans back in my arms and I slide my hand into the leghole of his shorts and cup his balls.

Two of the books crash to ground, one bouncing off the bed. Clark’s eyes fly open at the noise. He curses. “Shit, Ben. Hold on.” He closes the literature and organizes the books in a neat pile on the floor. When the last book is in place, I feel the tension in his body melt away and that barely audible hum stops as well. I liken it to the sound of leaving the cable box on when the TV is off, only the off button for Clark is between his legs.

Clark lifts his legs and shimmies out of his shorts; his half hard cock bounces upward and I catch it in my hand. He groans and reclines against me, allowing me free reign to explore. I unfurl my legs and scoot up so he’s pressed flushed against my front so it’s less strain on my back and arms. His skin is so hot, especially his testicles, and despite that it almost feels uncomfortable to be in contact with such high temperatures, I can’t resist the heft of them. I roll them between my fingers between gentle tugs while holding the base of his cock in my other hand. I press kisses up the side of his jaw.

Soon, Clark is begging me to stroke him. A bead of sweat forms on his temple, and there’s a soon a sheen to his hairline. I begin to work his cock slowly, waiting for it to full harden and push out the ridges of veins hiding under silky skin. He whines in impatience until I start to piston my hand. He arches up into my fist, begging for me not to stop. I swipe my thumb over the slit to wipe away the seed leaking and he moans loudly.

My own erection is pushing into his back but I don’t stop. I continue to seduce him and draw out his pleasure until he’s panting ragged breaths and his cock begins to twitch.
“This – this was a good idea,” he hisses.
“You’re going to cum soon,” I reply.
“Yeah I am.” He chuffs through his nose. “Don’t stop, Ben, please. I wanna cum.”
I don’t answer and instead nibble on his earlobe. I rub his glans between my fingers while stroking his shaft with my cramped fist fixed around it, faster and faster until Clark’s body vibrates and he erupts. I watch in fascination of the cords of muscle twitch and tense; his balls rise high and taut in their sac and his cock jumps in my hand. Milky fluid shoots out of him and splatters onto the wooden floor.
“Ben!” he exclaims through gritted teeth as the orgasm courses through him. “Don’t stop!”
And I don’t, even as he begins to descend. I push up from the base of his cock to wring the last drops out of the tip. He gasps and mewls as it becomes more sensitive, but I don’t stop touching him until Clark puts his hands on top of mine and begs me to abate. I let my hands retreat to his thighs and he rests against me, trying to catch his breath.
“Good?” I ask.
“Feel wonderful,” he replies. “You’re still hard.”
Clark reaches behind himself until he finds my cock still in my pants. He gives it a few squeezes; I hear that hum again. The pressure feels fantastic, and I gasp as cum floods my underwear.
“Oh wow, Clark! Oh!” I feel a bead of sweat drip down my back. We both sit there a moment, recovering. The hum stops again.

“I think the rain’s stopped,” Clark says after a moment. I watch the blinds raise themselves and the scene outside confirms he’s right.
“Why don’t we go clean up and go for that walk you wanted?”
“Sounds wonderful,” he replies, nuzzling me. “I love you Ben.”

I freeze, not exactly sure I heard him right. “You…you do?” It’s the first time he’s ever said it to me. It’s hard for Clark to trust people and I’ve had to learn to be patient being in a relationship with him.
“Yes, I do. You make me feel human.”
“You are human,” I remind him. “My human. I love you too Ben.”
“Not as much as I love you.”
I wrap my arms around him and give him a hug.

After a moment he says: “….Will you be weirded out if I telekinetically move the cum off the floor into the trash?”
“Yes!” I laugh, “Don’t be gross. Go get the shower ready, I’ll be in there a minute after I clean up.”
Clark laughs too, relieved that I understand his sense of humor. He twists around and kisses me, and I can see the love in his eyes.

Text is fictional. Source NA.


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