wow that was a good response (haha). I never thought of it that way. I understand completely now.

Thank you for understanding why I like to keep my own story hush hush. A lot of caption writes also do personal blogging, or write only in one vein  (for example, femme4masc or yeahstr82gay), so there’s a lot of clues as to the identity and kinks of the Tumblr writer. Any guess you make is likely rather accurate. In my case, I do not broadcast any clues or hints about my own “story”…I’ve had people call me Sir, Master, boy, ask me why I’m in chastity, if I could be their keyholder…so obviously people are drawing different conclusions from the same material. Kind of fascinating really..

That said, I do think I would make a pretty good houseboy though…I mean, I can fold a fitted sheet.


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