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Henry was working on a metal sculpture for an upcoming exhibit when he got a text message from Emmett: Can I come over?
Henry texted back: Can it wait? I’m working.
Emmett replied at once: I need you, please.
Henry became alarmed: Can I call you? Do I need to call the cops?
Emmett: Please can I just come over?
Henry: Yes of course. He turned off the soldering machine and cleaned up his work area before taking a 3-minute shower. Emmett didn’t live far, maybe twenty minutes away.

Henry was drinking water in his kitchen when Emmett knocked. Henry rushed the door to say “hello” to his friend, but the sight of Emmett’s red, tear stained face took the words right out of his mouth.
“Oh Emmy, what happened?”

Emmett’s bottom lip trembled and he burst into fresh sobs. Henry embraced him, leading him into the house and closing the door behind them. “Oh Emmy, what happened? Shhh…sshh, it’s ok. I’m here now.” He took Emmet to the living room but his legs couldn’t seem to hold him up any longer; he leaned back against the window and sunk to the floor. Henry grabbed a box of tissues off the coffee table and sat across from him, legs crossed.
“There there…it’s alright. Tell me what’s wrong, Emmy?”
“It’s Tim,” he managed through a tight throat.
The hair went up on the back of Henry’s neck. “Did he hurt you?” he asked in a low, serious voice. “Cause if he did I’m going to wring his fucking neck.”

Emmett hiccuped and grabbed a tissue. “He won’t unlock me! He put the chastity device on about six weeks ago, but he has only fucked me once since. It’s becoming really uncomfortable, and itchy, but he won’t unlock me – he says to just take baths for cleanings and to be a ‘good boy’ and play with my toys. I need more than though! I need to be fucked, to be milked like that, and he won’t do it.” Emmett sniffled, his chest fluttering from his big cry.
Henry rubbed Emmett’s leg reassuringly. “Did you demand the key?”
“He won’t give it to me! About a week ago my balls really started to ache. It hurt so much I barely slept last night. Also, my left ball began to tingle and it’s almost numb right now.”
“Holy shit.”
“I begged Tim to open the lock, but he won’t! He doesn’t understand. He just thinks I’m whining and am trying to manipulate him so I can jack off.” Emmett balled his fists and banged them against the floor. “It hurts, Henry, it hurts so much! I can’t go to school or work like this!” Fresh tears began to fall. “Please, I need you to cut the lock, I know you have the tools.”

Henry’s eyes were dark with fury. “That bastard…how dare he fucking hurt you.”
“You can tell me ‘I was right’ if you want,” Emmett said in a soft, sad voice, “You knew he was mean from the start, but I was so enamored by how hot he was, I thought it’d be so sexy to be locked by him, it should have been you…”
“Heeeyy no, Emmett. It’s ok. It might have worked out, it might not have. In this case it didn’t. But you took a chance and now you know, and you’ll use that information to find yourself a better partner right? I won’t judge you for that.”
Emmett nodded, obviously miserable. He dropped a crumpled tissue on the floor with the rest, and plucked a new one out of the box.
“Stay here, I’m going to get the bolt cutters from my workshop.”

Henry first brought Emmett some fresh water to sip, then ran out to his workshop to find the tool. When Emmett saw them, his eyes went wide. “That won’t cut anything else right?”
“No, just metal. Come into the kitchen, sit on a chair.” Emmett held out his hands and Henry pulled him to his feet. He heard Emmett whimper. Henry got the boy situated; he was shirtless and wearing only some athletic shorts that came off easily enough. Their relationship was casual and he had seen Emmett naked before; they had grown up next door from each other. Henry’s mom needed to borrow a cup of sugar and that’s how they met. They had been inseparable, Emmett following Henry around like a puppy. Now adults, they had their own lives but never went more than a week without contact.

With a sharp bang, the lock snapped under the steel teeth of the bolt cutters. Emmett yelped.
“Shit, did I hurt you?” Henry’s eyes roved over his swollen cock, looking for blood.
Emmett looked sheepish. “No the loud noise just startled me.”
Henry chuckled. “Yeah it startled me a little too.” He put the bolt cutters on the table and pulled off the lock. “I’m gonna go slowly ok?” Emmett nodded; his cock was starting to harden at the contact. Henry delicately pulled the plastic sleeve off his cock. An unpleasant scent reached his nose and he crinkled it in response. Emmett smelled it too. “Oh god. Oh god is that me?”
“Did Tim not clean you in six weeks?” he asked in disbelief.
“Just bath soaks… I tried with q-tips but it was so tight.” Emmett covered his face in shame.
“Honey you’re uncut. You can’t clean that just with a soak…” Henry felt a tear hit his wrist. “Oh god, I’m sorry Emmett. Don’t be embarrassed. This isn’t your fault. Henry pulled off the plastic pieces and put them in a small paper bag he found under the sink. He folded it over and set it aside, then returned to Henry’s cock and inspected it with his fingertips.
"Sweetie, I hate to tell you this, but there’s a sore on this side, and there’s a rash under your shaft. It might be a skin infection. You’re going to need to see a doctor.”

Emmett wiped tears off his face. “I feel so disgusting,” he said, feeling helpless.“
Henry brushed his cheeks with the back of his other hand. "Hey…it’s ok Emmy. I’m going to take care of you alright? I won’t hurt you, I promise.
Emmett looked at him with hope in his wet eyes.
"Do you have health insurance?” Henry asked.
“Yes, private.”
“Ok, we’re gonna need to call a urologist and make an appointment.”
“Can we shower first? Please? I can’t go in there with it smelling like this!

Henry agreed. He stood and got Emmett another tissue. "Let’s take a bath real quick.” He was relieved to see Emmett smile. They went upstairs together, and Henry filled the tub with warm water and a bit of vitamin E oil. By this point, Emmett’s cock was hard and deep red. “It hurts…” he said.
“We’ll take care of that.” Henry fetched the box of white gloves from the medicine cabinet, but when he saw the hurt look on Emmett’s face he put them down. Emmett looked relieved. Henry picked up the softest washcloth he had; he sat on a folded towel next to the tub and washed his friend with gentle lavender bath gel, saving his cock for last. He took great care in cleaning the sensitive skin, careful of the sore. He massaged Emmett’s numb testicle until he gasped and announced it was tingling. Pleased, Henry moved up to his cock. He took a deep breath and pulled back the foreskin. Both men cringed.
“I am going to murder Tim, I swear to god,” Henry muttered.
“I’d like to help.” Emmett agreed, folding his arms. “Ohh Henry that feels nice… that feels really nice.” His arms fell away at his sides and he rested his head on the back of the tub. “I wanna cum. Can I come?”
“Come as many times as you’d like.”
Emmett shot soon after, his seed shooting up like a fountain. They watched it splash into the water, making them both giggle. Henry was able to coax a second orgasm out of his friend, and by that time, Emmett looked like he was going to fall asleep.

Henry rinsed out the wash cloth and threw it into the sink. He pulled the drain on the tub and bundled Emmett into a fresh towel.

After some phone calls, they made an appointment at urologist for later in the afternoon. Just as Henry was starting to make lunch, the receptionist called back and said someone just canceled and if they wanted to come in early? Henry gave him some clean shorts to wear and got him into the car. Emmett commented how strange it was to not have the cage on; how light his cock felt and how sensitive it was. He spent the car ride plucking at the shorts.

The urologist listened to Emmett’s story with sympathy. He confirmed that the mottled spots on the underside of his cock were in fact a fungal infection. Emmett nearly died from shame and clung to Henry’s hand to keep from just going all emotional again. The doctor discovered the sore was an ingrown hair and subsequently drained it. He performed some more tests, including a much hated prostate exam, and by the end Emmett thought he’d never stop blushing.
“Now, you should not wear any sort of restrictive device on your penis for six weeks, including a condom. If you’re home, I suggest you stay nude, let it breathe. Wear loose fitting clothing, as I said, nothing tight or restricting,” the doctor instructed.
Emmett looked at Henry. “Around Tim? I don’t think-”
“You’re gonna stay with me,” Henry interrupted firmly. Emmett exhaled as the weight slid off his shoulders.

Both were quiet on the way home from the doctor and the pharmacist. As they pulled in the drive way, Emmett spoke up. “Is it wrong that I still want to explore chastity one day? I feel so perverted that I like the fetish so much, even now.”
Henry parked the car. “You’re a natural submissive, Emmett. You should never be ashamed of it. A proper chastity and keyholder relationship can be a wonderful thing.”
“I loved being horny the first week Tim locked me,” he admitted.
“A good keyholder takes care of his boy though and artfully uses that horniness to create wonderful, intense sexual experiences for both partners. You’ll find that one day, after you’re healed.”
“Would you be my keyholder, Henry?”
Henry unfastened his seatbelt and glanced over at Emmett. “I would love to take care of you, but I think you’re exhausted and upset and need to think about this more. Right now you’re just seeking me because I’m your friend and I’m the opposite of Tim. The doctor said you have six weeks of rest anyway, so let’s wait until then to talk about it ok? Plus, no more plastic. If you’re serious about chastity, we’ll look into metal.”
Emmett looked a little disappointed but nodded. “Metal? Really? Custom devices are always expensive.”
“But they’re better, easier to clean, and won’t hurt you. A good investment.”
Emmett thought. “How is it that you’re always right?”
“Not always,” Henry corrected. “Remember when I moved in and painted my bedroom pink by mistake?”
Emmett laughed. “It looked like a 7 year old princess lived there. God that was funny.”
Henry shook his head. “I was never so happy to see cream. Alright, let’s go in.”

Back in the kitchen, Henry made Emmett a grilled cheese sandwich and heated up a can of soup. After Emmett devoured both, he put him down for a nap sans apparel. As Henry was walking away, he felt a tug on his shirt. He looked over to see Emmett peering up at him from the blankets.
“Stay with me? Until I fall asleep?”
Henry sighed and gave in, climbing into bed and holding his friend until he finally surrendered his exhausted body to sleep. When he was sure Emmett was unconscious judging by his low breathing, Henry slipped out from the blankets and tucked Emmett in tight. Henry left him a glass of water on the nightstand, then went downstairs to grab his keys and put on his shoes. He also grabbed the paper bag on the way out.

Henry was going to go put the fear of God into Tim for hurting such a sweet, trusting, boy.

Text is fictional. This is male model Harry Bowen. This caption is not a speculation of his sexuality or attempted projection of his identity. Photographer is listed as Bryan Huynh.


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