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“Get up, boy.” Master Patrick pushed the steel tip of his boot into his slave’s butt. He gave him a couple little punts, not hard enough to bruise. “Come on, up with you. Nap time is over. All fours.”
“Y…yes sir,” the slave managed, shaking the sleep out of his head. The slave immediately propped himself so he was on his hands and knees, his collar and metal cuffs around his ankles and knees making soft metallic noises. When his Master clipped a leash held in his left hand to the collar, the slave let out a yawn. The Master ignored this and tugged the slave across the cement basement floor.

“Come on boy, you should be awake by now. Hurry up, Pet!” Pet moved as fast as he could, trying not to injure his knees. When they reached the stairs, his Master barked out, “Up. Standing.” The slave stood up quickly and followed his Master up the stairs. He was then dragged, stumbling to the kitchen. Pet was very confused but did as he was told.

“Sit.” Master Patrick pointed to a pulled out chair.
Pet stared at his Master, wondering if he heard that wrong. Slaves do not use their Master’s chairs.
“Sit or I will get the cane and beat you right now.”
Pet quickly down, a tad baffled. He didn’t know what to do with his hands and folded them in his lap. His Master put a blindfold around his eyes; Pet was pretty sure it was an eyemask for sleeping.

He felt his Master unclip the leash and set it on the counter. Pet heard the fridge door open and the clink of something ceramic set something on the counter. 

Pet was thinking about what this all meant when suddenly, the blindfold was removed. He blinked. Before he could get his bearings, Master Patrick set a large pink cake right down in front of him. “Happy Birthday Pet. Congratulations on turning 25.”
Pet stared at the cake, his eyes wider than the plate the cake was served on. His jaw dropped and words stuck in his throat. He looked at his Master, completely baffled. Patrick tried not to laugh, he’d never seen such a confused look on his slave’s face. His eyes kept darting from the cake to his Master, in disbelief that one was related to the other.

“I know your parents raised you as a Jehovah’s Witness, Pet, and I know you were never fond of it. You told me once how you used your sexuality to get out of the church.”
Pet nodded, dumbly.
“I knew you’d never had a real birthday before, and well…I found the most birthday perfect cake in a pastry shop and had to get it. I wanted to show my appreciation, because although I’m in charge, I can’t play without you. I just want you know, boy, that this past year with you has been my favorite year in all these years I’ve been doing BDSM. You’re true to yourself, and you know how to separate your slave self from your real life, and you when you are my slave there is no better slave.”
Pet opened his mouth to say something but Master Patrick held up his hand.
“So the reason there’s one candle is to signify your rebirth into a new life, as your new self. A life with birthdays in it.”

“I…. I…. Sir I-,” Pet sputtered. He was momentarily captivated as Master Patrick lit the single candle with a lighter. The flame sparkled in Pet’s eyes. The light danced in the frozen folds of the frosting, each little dot casting its own tidy shadow.
“Oh Sir,” he gasped, his throat tight.
“Go on, make a wish and blow it out boy.”
Pet blinked. He looked up at his Master, who nodded. Pet thought, make a wish, and blew it out. He clapped his hands as the smoke curled upwards. “Ooooohh.”
“Good boy.” Patrick sat in the chair next to Pet.
A lump formed in Pet’s throat and he began to sniffle as tears filled his eyes. “Sir this is the…the…I can’t even think of what to say! The cake is so beautiful, it’s perfect, and I’m just – I cannot give you a good enough blowjob to convey how much I love you right now. No one has let me explore my forbidden side like you. You just make me so happy.”
Master Patrick put a hand on the back of his slave’s shaved scalp and pulled him forward so he could kiss his forehead and dry his tears with a napkin. “Shh there there, I didn’t mean to make you cry.”
“Permission to hug you Sir?”
“Permission granted.”

Pet moved over one chair and snuggled up in Sir’s lap, sitting sideways, wrapping his arms around his neck and squeezing hard. “I never get to do this,” he murmured.
Master Patrick rubbed his back with one hand. “Mm you are warm. Were you really surprised? Didn’t know it was your own birthday? Permission granted to speak freely.”
“Thank you Sir.” He hiccuped. “Today’s the 26th right?”
“I guess I just lost track of the days since I’m off work due to the renovation. I don’t need to know the days when we play, cause when I’m in headspace you’re my world.”
Master Patrick smiled. “Well it’s the 26th and it’s your birthday. I hope you’ll eat the cake…?”
Pet melted at the anxiety in his voice. “Yes! Of course, I’ve never had pink birthday cake before, it looks delicious. We’ll eat it together?”
“Yes, I’d like that. Oh, and don’t think I cheapened out – I got you a present too.”
“Sir! I’m just a slave…what do I need besides you?”
“Oh I thought of something. Trust me, I saw it at the adult store and knew you’d go crazy for it. But you’ll get it later, after we get back from from Terrance’s housewarming party tonight. I’m gonna tie a balloon to your collar so everyone knows.”

Pet couldn’t help but laugh. “Sir! That’s a bit silly, if I may say so.”
“Well I think it’s adorable and you don’t get a say.” He kissed his boy. “Mmm I cannot wait to kiss you when you taste like frosting.” He gave Pet a playful swat on the ass. “Go get the cake cutter in the utensil drawer and two plates.”
“Yes sir!” he bounded up and bounced over to the cabinet to get them. When he fetched the items and brought them to the table, he was momentarily captivated by the sight of the cake again and begin to cry fresh tears.
“Oh Pet…sweetheart. It’s alright. Come on, it’s just cake.”
“No, Sir, forgive me for saying so, but it’s more than that. It’s an embodiment of our past year together. I knew if we could make cake out of that, it would be so pretty and sweet, just like this. Made of blood, sweat, and tears.”
Master Patrick considered this. “That is very insightful thing to say for a slave. Yes, I would hope it would look like this too.”
“Can I make the first cut?”
“Yes, boy. Straight line.” Master Patrick smiled the entire time he watched his giddy slave boy cut the cake. When Pet stuck a finger full of frosting into his mouth, his eyes rolled back and lashes fluttered. “Careful boy, you can’t have an orgasm now, save it for later.”
“Sorry it’s really, really good-…did you say I’m going to get to cum later?”
Master Patrick smirked. “Yes. That’s your second birthday present – after your birthday spankings of course.”
Pet couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow.  “Oh gosh, I love spankings. I suppose I’m getting 25 swats Sir?”
“Yes, and then I’m taking you to my bed. But first, come on! Let’s eat!”

Text is fictional. Source below:


Birthday Cake – As Requested!

Confetti Cake with Cotton Candy Frosting!


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