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Well, the fundraiser is pretty much over. Someone just donated $100 fucking dollars and I’m trying not to lose it in public. Two people donated $50 which was mind blowing in itself, but this…seriously I just don’t even know what to feel. Shock mostly. Less than 15 people donated out of 3600 but I feel more attached to All Because of the Boys and all of my readers than ever. I feel more invigorated to write great erotica for everyone and to stay in touch with my regulars.

A year ago I finished a much longer story called The Boy Who Kicks the Earth and until now hadn’t had the confidence to go back and polish the rough draft or start the sequel. I think that’s my new goal for fall.

Thank you very much everyone, I will get back on my feet much faster now. Just because I write about boys who make their living off their backs doesn’t mean I also have to stay down.


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