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We were leaving the park and it happened – we synchronized. We had each-other’s hands in the respective back pockets, then we removed them and gave each respective asscheek a squeeze. Tim and I both just stopped and looked at each-other.
“Did that just happen?” we say at the same time. Tim begins to laugh. “Oh god we’ve become ‘that couple’ haven’t we? We’re spending so much time together we’re becoming the same person.”
I scoff. “That’s impossible. It was just a confidence. We’ve only been dating three weeks, it can’t happen that quickly!”
Tim raises an eyebrow at me, then shakes his head with a little smile on his face. “Whatever you say, babe.”

We begin to walk forward again, but we both put our left feet first. Tim immediately stops, and then of course, I stop. By this point, he already has the giggles. “You go, then I go. You do left foot, I go right foot.”
“That was just a coincidence too,” I insist.
I put my left foot forward and take a couple steps and Tim lets me pass, then jogs up to catch me. Our stride fell into its natural ways. That is, until I subconsciously reached for his hand and mine bonked against his – seeking the same thing.

“Oh come on!” I say exasperated. “You did that on purpose!”
“I swear I didn’t!” he gasps, laughing.
“We need to be careful. I like you, I don’t want the relationship to burn out too soon.”
That goofy smile appears on his face. “You like me?”
“Yes, I like you. You’re cute as hell, you have great posture, you’re so considerate and ambitious and your humor is off the wall. Plus, I like men who are smaller than me.”
“Ohhh god, fuck now I have to marry you for saying that. We have to elope and everything.”
“We can’t elope after 3 weeks, Timmy.”
“Why not?”

We both speak at the same time. “Your mom would kill us,” I say. Tim answers himself: “Well, my mom would definitely murder me.” I’d only known him a short while, but he’d already told me about his mother who was a wedding planner specializing in big, showy affairs.

I stop walking again and give him a glare for having synched with me again. “Ok, it is silent time until the car. Stand over there and be normal.”
Tim laughs again. “Oh god I can’t. I can’t deal with this. We’re too adorable, I’m giving myself a cavity.”

Text is fictional. Source unknown, would be appreciated.

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