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He wasn’t expecting me back so soon from my jog – and I hadn’t intended to be back this early, except I was sure I’d sprained my ankle. The sight of him gyrating in our bedroom took all the pain away as the blood making my ankle swell shot back up my leg to my crotch. Javier was lost in the music. He had the most incredible hips, this tiny little hourglass waist and a big hunky torso, pythons for biceps, a very kissable mouth.

When I saw him dance like this, it reminded me that I was dating a stripper and a go-go boy. Well, no, I’m not dating that boy. I’m dating Javier. That boy flirts and reveals his gorgeous body and cut cock to strangers, he lets them grope his ass and shove money into his underwear – but I get to fuck Javier. I get to cuddle with him, I get to encourage him to give me roadhead when we’re stuck in traffic. I get to see this candid side of him in my bedroom.

The state of my cock is obvious in my loose running shorts. Javier’s own cargo shorts fall to the floor and he steps out of them, wiggling in a circle. When Javier rotates towards me, he sees me and startles, clutching his chest in momentary panic. My faces contorts in sheepish guilt. He rips out the earbuds.

“Shit, you scared the fuck outta me! I thought you was on a jog, baby!”
“Sorry! Sorry hot thing, I was. I twisted my ankle and decided to just come home. Please don’t stop, you’re so fucking sexy.”
Javier glanced at my foot hovering a little off the ground, but quickly he was distracted by my boner. “I did that to you?”
“Fuck yeah you did, shake your ass for me, hot thing.”

He grinned and his persona slipped out. He put his earbuds back in and danced for me. I began to play with myself as Javier shimmied and shook his butt to a song I couldn’t even really hear. I knew what he was listening to though because Javier translated it perfectly with his body.

Text is fictional. No idea who this is.


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