What are the kinkiest things y’all have been doing lately and go into details. Lots of sexy details


Fuck, I just typed a looong story on my phone, and it got lost while saving it in my drafts.. Damn. Lets do it again quickly, so beware of spelling mistakes and stuff:

Anyhow, yesterday we did got kinky after a fun day with friends. The moment we stepped through the door, my boyfriend ordered me to undress and go to the bathroom to take a shower. Though, what I wasn’t expecting was a golden one! As my bf unzipped his pants, he ordered me to kneel and open my mouth, which he’d never asked before. Luckily he aimed at my open mouth for just a brief moment, but it was enough to get the taste and it set the tone for the rest of the evening. I was not going to be in charge..

We took the plastic wrap again, with some additional pieces of tape for extra tightness. I was already leaking from my unlocked cock when he started to wrap me up fully. Only my mouth and cock were left free. My cock for obvious teasing purposes and my mouth for multiple reasons, like some sucking, throat fucking, kissing and breath control. To explain the latter: For some moments my boyfriend put a little plastic bag over my mouth hole, or his hand. It’s a new and intense way of not being in control, but I totally trust my boyfriend, who is always sensible and cautious at these moments, taking things very slowly step by step. It was hot and intimate, experimenting with this new thing..
Then my cock got some attention. It was dribbling precum already, but when my bf started to thumb my dick for two minutes straight, I went mental. Especially when I got ordered to lay still and shut up, otherwise I would be given a ruined orgasm daily for a week, something I wasn’t so keen on after 16 days of denial. Fortunately I managed to overcome his torture fairly well. ^^

So much more happened though, I can’t name it all. He got out some dildos to play with himself right next to me, while I was still bound and blinded.. That was the most teasing thing ever, hearing him moan softly in your ear, knowing he’s playing with some toys, but you can’t do anything but listen. So evil!
Apparently he was prepping for taking a ride on my dick, as he did next. Then after a while, he pushed me on my tummy, ripped the foil around my ass and started fucking me roughly. Every time he felt close to cumming, he pulled out but kept fucking me with the biggest dildo we have until he could go for a few more minutes. He really kept my ass busy that way, making me sweat heavily in my plastic cocoon. After about twenty minutes he couldn’t contain himself anymore and he shot his load in my sloppy hole, exhausted.
He thought I had been a good boy, so he quickly turned me over and jerked me to my first orgasm in over two weeks, which of course was heavenly!

Well then, here are some kinky details for y’all! ^^
Though, I hope this one doesn’t get lost in Tumblr limbo as well. *keepsfingerscrossed*

Bye! X

Somewhere in the Netherlands, a boy got laid.


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