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I sighed and flicked through the images I shot on my camera. Generic after generic shot of a famous actor in his skivvies on a stool. Boring boring boring. He had a good body and the sheen of sweat from the heat of the lights was helping but…

I looked around my studio for a prop or something, and what’s when I saw the bucket. It had used it for a country themed shoot a week ago. I barked out an order for my intern to fill it with water. He did, then came back over to ask me what to do with it. I told him to throw it on Jake. My intern gave me a deer-in-head-lights look, as if to say: You want me to throw a bucket of water on Jake Reynolds? THE Jake Reynolds, from hit shows Dr. What and Chess with Chairs? “Yes” I said, “Do it”. So he did.

Jake whooped when the water hit him and tossed his head like a dog. “Shit that feels good!” he laughed. He stretched his arms up and I shot off another couple dozen frames. Now this is what I wanted – very casual, very intimate. That underwear company is gonna sell tons after this runs in GQ. Of course, I’ll be enjoying it myself too, although it is a little narcissistic to be masturbating to your own photographs.

Text is fictional. I have a source! This is Corey Higgins; the photographer is Calvin Brockington.


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