“ZOMG! ur fetishizing male succubi and flaunting ur fruit-aphobic privileges!!” Just kidding, of course. I’m glad you weathered that recent shitstorm. I love gay fictional caption blogs like yours, especially from those who write better than I do. To my mind, you handled the incident in a conscientious and thoughtful way. I hope the emotional bruises fade quickly. I have plenty more thoughts about the whole blow-up you endured, but I’ll have to spill those rambling notions elsewhere.

For a minute there, I couldn’t tell if you were joking or not. ಠ_ಠ SJWs on Tumblr have really gotten to some crazy levels. I haven’t heard “ZOMG” in a while though, nice to see it again.

Thanks for the kind words, btw. And if you want to write, you should write. You will only get better the more you practice. I mean have you seen how many errors are in my writing? I throw tense out the window and can’t spell for shit.

The emotional bruises will fade but this shit will get reposted/reblogged on Tumblr forever. I just hope I can stop the worst of it as times goes on, before it becomes like, Buzzfeed viral. Oh god, what a nightmare that’d be ._.


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