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I am so sorry, babe. I really am.

I don’t know what happened today. I just saw you getting ready to walk out the door as I made breakfast, wearing nothing but an apron. There he was, my Man in his perfect suit, and… something came over me. I had to have you.

I’m sorry that I jumped you and wrapped my legs around your waist, and started biting your neck and ears like a little animal.

Sorry that you tried to get me off of you by tickling me, but then I took your hand and stuck your finger up my pussy and effectively neutralized you. You should’ve seen the determination melt off your face.

I’m sorry that I made you my prisoner by using the padded handcuffs you got me to bind you to the kitchen island.

Sorry, Sir, that I so inconsiderately ripped open one of your favorite dress shirts and didn’t even bother to pull your tie off completely, just to feel your cut torso against my bare hands.

Sorry that I undid your belt and pants so fast, as only I can, fished out your hard rod (which was encouragement, really, since it betrayed that you wanted this), and promptly engulfed it with my boipussy.

I’m sorry that I left you hot and bothered, confused, a heaving mess on the floor of my kitchen, and made you be on time for work, as opposed to “15 minutes early always,” like you like to be.

For all it’s worth, Sir, notice how clean — if a bit wrinkled — your clothes still are. This is me, your pussyboi, we’re talking about. I never waste a single drop. It all went inside me, like it should always be.

I’m so sorry. I just had to. I’ll take the handcuffs off. I’ll help you put your clothes back on and go back to looking sharp, as is our custom. Please don’t be mad at me, babe. I’m just a clever, cunning, hungry little pussyboi who can’t contain himself when he sees his big Stud. Who can’t help but please Sir, and won’t rest until there’s a satisfied grin on Sir’s face, like there was this morning when I let you go to work.

Truly, my sincerest apologies, Sir. I promise you it will happen again.

“Mm I’m not sure your apology is sincere enough… I might have to give you a spanking to ensure you’ll do it again.”


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