Would you care to list your top ten favourite tumblr blogs you follow for BDSM / Chastity / Pup-play? P.S. Love the humpgear and dildo pic! Congrats to you and to your bf for discovering a bit more to his kinky side.


Ooh, thanks for your kind words and nice question! Making a list is always risky though… I’m making this one in a bit of a rush, so without a doubt I’ll forget to name some other great blogs, but I’ll do my best. Please don’t feel neglected if I don’t mention you here. =)
Most of these blogs I like because of their personal touch through captions or their personal answers to questions. Others portray the exact ‘level of kink’ I like or just have great taste in photography…Just to name a few:

For pup-stuff: puppixelhruffuptopupppystuffslaveboy13
For nice captions: masterboibinderallbecauseoftheboys, hushpuppy1980 
For great taste: youthfuldominanceuniverseoflustmuzzledboyla-switchkid,  

I don’t have any specific chastity-blogs I visit regularly… Apart from a few hot exceptions, it just doesn’t do anything for me to see all these low-quality, hairy dick pics from random guys. So, any recommendations for nice, personal chastity blogs are welcome ^^

Ah, so nice of you to say so gayboykink, thank you~ I haven’t heard of some of these blogs. Maybe some of my readers will check them out and follow them too.


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