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“What’s he doing?” my apprentice whispers into my ear. We’re watching the slave on webcam together.
“Mm. Adjusting to his new reality I suppose. Slave psychology is actually a rather interesting thing. They naturally respond to orders and demands in a snap, but they need some quiet moments to think and decompress during the day or else they get overstimulated.”
“Is that why you told Master Aberdeen 3:30 and put the boy in there at 3?”
“Yes. It’s his first time at auction, I don’t want to stress him out too much. He’s lucky to have attracted a potential private buyer though. Master Aberdeen has fine taste and enjoys – mmm, how should I say it? decorating his boys. Number 867 here will have a good future with him if the sale is completed.”

He squints at the webcam. “I’ll have to take your word for it Sir, I still am new to this region. Still, that’s a pretty heavy chastity device.”
“Oh yes, that. Master Aberdeen is very strict about how slaves access their own bodies… believes it’s the ultimate reward and should be off limits and coveted from day 0. ‘A horny boy is a happy boy.’ is what he likes to say. When Aberdeen comes by the office later, you should ask him over for brandy or coffee or something, I bet you could learn a lot from him.”
“Not later, he’s here,” my apprentice says, gesturing to the screen.
I smile. “Yes he is. Now watch closely, see how an accomplished Master works and tests new product.”

Text is fictional.


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