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“Mmm, what are you thinking?” I ask, ghosting my fingers over his sternum.
“I’m thinking…that I’m really happy you’re my boyfriend. I feel lucky,” James answers.
“Oh…?” I softly respond.
“Cause you’re…just this amazing person. Selfless, not selfish. Smart, without making me feel stupid. Witty without being annoying. Polite. Plus you’re really cute and you have the most beautiful penis I’ve ever seen.”
I turn beet red and bury my face into his neck, giggling. “You should smile when you tell your lies.”
“No, it’s not a lie,” he insists, “I swear I wasn’t really into blowjobs before I met you. It just seemed awkward and it tasted weird, but when I see you naked I want to suck you. And I enjoy it.”
“Yes, it makes me want to give it attention. Like, when your cock looks like that it shouldn’t be neglected. Plus your balls are nearly even in size, and they’re all…plump, I guess, which turns me on for some stupid reason.”
I smile. “I don’t think it’s stupid. It’s male genitalia. You’re gay, it’s supposed to turn you on.”

“See? This is what I mean. You can have a discussion about these things without being condescending about it.”
“Why thank you. Even with pillow talk, I try to be a gentlemen.” I try to hide how flattered I am he thinks these things about me. “Mmm. There is one other thing though, I really like,” James says.
“…What? Tell me! Please, I mean.”
He tilts his head to the side and gives me a serious look. “For some reason, after you cum, you smell like cinnamon buns.”

We stare at each other, then simultaneously dissolve into laughter.

The whole evening goes like this, staying up late, talking. Fooling around. Me making tea and grilled cheese, then back into bed for another round of chatting and foreplay. It’s pouring outside, but here, tucked up into this cozy loft of this cabin, we’re safe and warm and near delirious with love and happiness.

Text is fictional. I think the couple is Sonny & Will from Days Of Our Lives.


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