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My nerves were on edge. Walking around an empty subway station at 3 am in a jockstrap and flip flops will do that to you. I turned a bend on the tracks and saw three men standing there, and knew they were the ones just by the way they were dressed, their posture. For weeks, a friend of mine had been acting as a mediator between these men and I. I didn’t want to meet them or see their faces before they took me and used me for the weekend. Of course, kidnapping fantasies are never so clear cut…there’s a lot of talk about limits, contracts, legal mumbo jumbo. So I had a lawyer friend handle it to keep me removed from the process as much as possible.

Finally, I got my orders to show up late late Friday night. Exposed. Alone. You wouldn’t believe the boner I had. They stopped chatting amongst themselves upon spotting me. Grins spread on their faces

“Well well well…he came. Well, he won’t be coming this whole weekend, but at least he was punctual once.”
Another snickered. “Now what a nice piece of meat this is. Still, it’s funny to see a faggot wearing clothing. Can’t wait to get you home boy and into your more…natural setting.”
The third spoke up. “Oh Hammond was right, this was going to be a most interesting weekend.”

I couldn’t run even if I wanted to. The urge to drop to my knees and suck all their cocks over-powered me. I was very lucky because they let me. With a belly full of cum, they stripped me of my underwear before they tied me up like a hog and threw me in the back of their van. It was the start of most intense, degrading 48 hours of my life and I enjoyed every second of it.

Wonder what my husband and kids would think, knowing the things their corporate father used to do to satisfy his lust…

Text is fictional.


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