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“Wow boy is that really you?” My Sir raises an eyebrow.
I try suppress a smile. “Yes Sir.”
He looks at me, then back at the photo. “So how hungover were you the next day?”
“Sooo hungover. Matter of the fact that was the day I started to wish I had someone to keep me in check…hard to believe that little thought lead me to this.”
He chuckles and hands me back the photo. “A boy unbridled. Look at you now…I wonder what the boy in this photo would say if he saw you now, with your shaved head, your collar round his neck, cock safely protected…”
I feel like I’m blushing. I always do when he sounds proud of me. “I think that boy would be confused but…wistful. A bit jealous. Curious. He’d see the potential, and it would stick with him.”

My Sir kisses me on my forehead. “Are you happy?”
“Yes of course!” I cry. “You have done so much for me Sir…I needed that discipline, my head is so clear now. No more hangovers, no more masturbating when I should be doing other things, no more piles of dishes…plus now that I’m in your service there is always a fine cock to think about too. I want it all the time though…”
He grins. “Well you were thinking about cock anyway. I just streamlined your focus. Now, come join me downstairs, all this talk of discipline has put me in a mood to make you drip.”
“Yes Sir!”

Text is fictional. Updating from my phone so there might be formatting issues.  Fixed!