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I had to go out of town for work, and when I was stuck in the hotel late at night bored and alone, my boyfriend decided to entertain me over Skype by jiggling his hot fuckable ass at me in his favorite thong. It made me absolutely insane; my yearning to fuck him went through the roof.
I sighed in exasperation, “…Fuck it, I want to change my airline ticket and coming home early. I don’t wanna go to that stupid meeting tomorrow.”

He called over his shoulder into the webcam microphone, “Why don’t I come there? It’ll be expensive but we can split it… we have that hotel room for another night, and you said there’s a jacuzzi in that hotel right? Extend it one more night. I bet we could get into a lot of trouble, leaving some sexy marks on the glass of the windows, you sliding into me on the roof of the parking garage…”

I moaned at the idea of turning this sterile evil business trip into a sexy weekend adventure. “You know when you jiggle your ass at me when asking for favors, I am physically unable to say no,” I reminded him.

“Forward me the email of that ticket when you buy it!” he grinned widely at me, sliding his hands up his thighs. I shake my head and smile. He’s so demanding, but he’s worth it. “Fine, fine I’ll buy it. Now where were we? Oh yes, Show me your beautiful ass up close again boy…and this time, strip for me. I know what a voyeur you are, will you do a little strip tease for me?”

A lightbulb went off over his head and he ran off camera. I heard rustling. When he returns, he’s carrying his favorite purple dildo. “How about a striptease and this too?”
I purred, “Fuck yes baby, I wanna watch that.”

Text is fictional.


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