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The boy knew his role was to serve his man and be available for him whenever and where-ever he wanted it. He knows better than to inconvenience his Sir by saying ‘no’, and he would be a fool to spurn a man who has selected his ass to claim as there are so few masters as so many horny bottoms. No matter how humiliating, he must show respect and hold his cheeks apart to provide easy access. His Sir also loves watch his throbbing cock slide in and out of his boy’s body. It pleases him tremendously to see it and to have a boy so consistently obedient.

Those hands were supposed to stay that way until his Sir came and he was never allowed to touch himself without permission… Sir said it was conditioning for when the chastity device arrived. At first the boy was anxious of what that meant and resented the idea, but he began to look forward to having something between his sensitive, frustrated cock and the teasing, tickling fibers of the rug.

Text is fictional.


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