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“Hand over my belt, son.”
“I don’t want a spanking, daddy, I’m too old!” he pouts.
“But you stayed out past curfew and came back reeking of alcohol and pot – on a school night. I don’t mind if you smoke pot as long as you’re safe, but you’re too young to be indulging in shitty beer and breaking curfew is out of the question.”
“None of my friends have curfew! Ryan gets to stay out as late as the wants!”
Oh, teenagers. I put my hands on his hips, “When you’ll get older, you’ll see what kind of bad influences your friends are. Ryan’s dad can’t hold a job and is scared of his own son, Seth’s parents live off welfare fraud, Mark’s mother is in and out of jail for heroin and I know Mark’s been busted for shoplifting… these kids, they’re gonna get into gangs, drugs, addiction, jail. Hell, they may get out, but I won’t allow you to get dragged down with them.
You’re hard working and a great student; I know you have dreams of going to NYU. I know at your age, me forbidding you to see your friends would result in you sneaking out anyway, so I am making concessions. I just want what’s best for you, since it’s us two since your mother went to heaven.”

“I miss her,” He sighs, then after a moment, hands me back my belt.
“I do too, but she’d be proud to know what a good son you are,” I say. “I’ll go a little easy on you tonight. You’ll get five straps for the alcohol, five for breaking curfew.”
“Yes son?”
“…Last time this happened, something funny happened. My cock began to leak. It’s never done that before.”
“Oh is that so?” I smile, feigning ignorance. “Well you’re at that age when your body is beginning to wake up. We’ll talk about that more in the morning, but for now, fetch me a towel to put over my lap please.”
“Yes, daddy.”

As I watch him shuffle to the bathroom, I know in my heart I’m doing the right thing. He’s going to be a fine young man.

Text is fictional.


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