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Garrison had heard rumors about this car mechanic place down the road, about the sort of things they did to their staff. The local tech school often sent boys there to learn some hands on skills – but only their most troublesome boys. Garrison balked when he found out he was one of them and he’d be sent there, but with his grades and prospects no one else would take him. He figured it couldn’t be that bad…

When he went to sign the liability papers, he didn’t really read them, or heed their warnings about punishments when staff misbehave. He thought it was a bluff, and it was too wordy anyway. Two weeks later, when Garrison accidentally drained a customer’s engine oil all over the floor, he was called into the boss’s office. He protested severely when he discovered his punishment was a spanking – a spanking! at his age! but his boss brought out the paperwork and Gary knew he was screwed.

He was given the choice of receiving 50 with his pants on with a big, evil looking paddle or 25 with his pants off barehanded… the choice was obvious, but it was still humiliating to strip in front of his boss, who was easily twice his age and leered at his penis when his underwear came off. He put Garrison over his lap – and that’s when Garrison saw his supervisor open the door to the office so the entire car repair floor could see his bare ass and balls getting spanked. He protested and squirmed, but his boss was surprisingly strong and Gary couldn’t escape. His cries turned to light sobs and protests as his bottom began to glow.

What was more horrifying was that his cock was hardening from rubbing on his boss’s slacks. By the time it was over, he’d leaked pre-cum all over him.

“Alright, we’re done now. Good boy. You were a bit noisy but you took it very well. I’m proud of you. Are you going to make that mistake again?”
“N-n-no,” Gary hiccuped, his face all red.
“Good boy, you’re a fast learner too.”

He was allowed to stand up and get dressed. When the other boys who had been there a while gave him looks of sympathy when he went back out onto the floor, Garrison realized it was likely not going to be his first spanking… but there was nothing he could do, not if he wanted to have a career in this town.

Post is fictional.


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