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“Boy where are you?” I hollered.
He stuck his head out of the bedroom, “Here! In here! Sshh come quick.”
“What’s wrong?”
He removed the piece of toilet paper from the tip of his cock cage. “I’m dripping! It won’t stop! I can’t go out there like this, you gotta milk me!”
“Oohhh you are dripping,” I cooed, examining his wet member pressing up against its plastic confines.
“I’m so horny,” he whines.
“I’m very pleased, I wasn’t expecting these kinds of results so quickly. I can’t wait to show everyone your big milestone.”
“Alright, let’s get that big drip…there we go. Now just wash your hands and join me outside.”
“Don’t be ashamed to be locked boy. Horny bottoms shouldn’t ever have access to their cocks, it’s ruinous and too distracting for them during sex, you know that. You know how great it’s been lately in bed, don’t forget that now.”
He turns bright red then huffs and washes his hands. “Still…I’m naked in front of all of them…”
“Oh you’re going to have to get used to that. This dinner party thing is going to be a once a week occurrence, and you’re going to show everyone that fantastic service of yours from your waiter days.”
I give him a playful smack on the ass. “Now get out there. Get.” I guide him by his shoulders to the living room.
“Hey everyone, I have an announcement to make. Arty’s made it to his first milestone already, three days ahead of schedule – look at him dripping!” I hold his wrists and arms above his head so he’s exposed.

My half dozen guests ooo and aaahh and some clap their hands. My boy is blushing so hard I can feel it in his forearms. “Si..sir–” he begins.
“Oh Arty,” Rebecca says, “Look how beautiful he is. What a lucky boy to be in chastity under you. You do the most amazing work, sometimes I’m almost mad that I don’t have a cock.
I grin. "Does my reputation proceed me?”
Matt wanders out of the kitchen, drying his hands on a towel, “Oh it does. I’ve tried that chastity thing before, but my balls are too big for it. Even in the biggest cage everything goes numb.”
Rebecca laughs, “The mental image of you stuffing yourself into that is hilarious.”
“Oh look, there’s a big drip now,” Jesse announces and they all watch as my boy’s precum seeps out. I hear him whimper in humilation and arousal and it’s making me very horny. I must push it aside though, dinner is almost ready.

“See boy? It’s ok, you’re in a supportive environment here, nothing to be ashamed of. Now, let’s get a condom on the tip of your cock so you can serve dinner without slipping in it.
"Yes sir,” he responds, his voice subdued now that he’s submitted to the reality that I’m not going to let him hide in the bathroom.

The dinner party is a success. Afterwards I let Jesse fuck him then take my turn, a reward for my boy for a job well done. Conditioning is a slow process, you have to rewrite what is correct and incorrect and introduce new carrots on sticks for him to chase. It’s not always fun or comfortable, but the results are always worth it – happy, chaste, beautiful horny boys.

Post is fictional. Source is from here, I think.


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