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“Now you’ve gone and done it! You’ve upset him! I told you about his anxiety and past trauma, but you had to go freak him out with that torture device you call a sex toy. There there, it’s ok, boy.” I put a hand on his shoulder and pushed him down to his knees so his crotch was at nose level. I guided them together, patting the back of his head reassuringly, “Close your eyes and take a deep breath…deeep breath. Just calm down now, there we go. Cling to my legs as hard as you want. I’m not gonna let him hurt you with that. Sshh…that’s a good boy, just breathe.”

It might have looked unusual to any other Masters passing by, but all that mattered in that moment was my slave. Medication did nothing for his attacks. What he needed was the scent of his Master to feel grounded, to remember I stood between him and the evils of the world. The source of his safety, of trust. I popped the buttons of my jeans and let him nuzzle the bare skin with his nose until he stopped trembling and his breathing was nice and normal.


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