Locked Boiz Getting Nasty


So … last week I told you about this GORGEOUS 20yo Asian boi who wanted to learn more about forced chastity and maybe experience it.  I got him into a cage and we played … teasing each other’s locked cocks.

Because, as you well know, it sometimes takes a bit of time to find the right size/fit and your cock fights desperately against the cage I expected to hear from him the next day or the day after.  Well.  I didn’t.  Several days passed without a reply to my few messages.  I figured he’d gone and got a lock cutter, cut off the lock and absconded with my steel CB6000S.

He FINALLY called the night before last, sobbing.  I thought something really bad had happened.  Our conversation was short but basically he was insane with horniness and his 20yo cock kept getting hard and making it hurt.  He begged me to come get him and take off the device.

I agreed to do that on one condition, that he wear only flip flops and a speedo.  He agreed and I hopped into the car and drove to his place … but I parked down the block.  It was about 11pm so not that many people on the street.  I made him walk down the street so very close to naked.  It was sooo HOT watching this gorgeous young guy walk briskly toward me that my cock started to swell in its cage.

When he got into the car, I could tell his cock was straining too.  He clutched at his locked cock and moaned, “Do you have the keys?”

“Nope.  At my place.”  Instead of pulling into the driveway, I stopped down the block, “Gimme your flip flops.”

“Now get out of the car and walk.” I drove off and parked in the drive.

As we stood at my front door, I told him to take off his speedos.  ”People are going to see.”

“Doesn’t matter.”  He hands them to me and I very slowly unlock and open the door.  Luckily for me, my housemate and a friend of his were in the living room chatting.  They looked up as we stepped in, my locked boi covering his cage.  I pulled his hands away and told him “Be proud that you are a locked boi.” and marched him to my room.

“Get on your hands and knees on the bed.”  He did.  He has such a beautiful ass.  My cock swelled hard in the cage yearning to be free, remembering when I used to be a top and how it feels to bury my cock in a hot, wet hole.

I played with his ass and started to eat him out.  He moaned.  I fingered him, slathering his hole with lube and worked two fingers inside.

“Please take the cage off.  Please.”

“I will. I will.” as I turned and pulled a dildo out of my toy box. “Patience.”  I lubed the dildo and placed it at his hole.  He looked back over his shoulder, pleading with his beautiful brown eyes.  I slowly pushed and he gasped as the head popped in; then moaned deep into the pillow as the entire length slid deep into his hole.

As I started stroking the dildo in and out, I reached underneath to his caged cock and was greeted with a stream of precum that I couldn’t help but taste.  YUM!  I worked the dildo in and out, getting faster and faster, spanking his ass and his balls.  You guys should have heard him!

So here I am fucking this boi with a dildo and spanking his balls and locked cock fairly roughly when he screams into the pillow, his whole body shuddering, and cum blasted out of his caged cock.  Explosion after explosion of hot boi cum.  I didn’t let up on the dildo fucking or the ball spanking.  His orgasm seemed to last forever.

I finally stopped and he collapsed onto the bed.

I got naked and lay next to him, my own cock unsatisfied, dripping and my cunt yearning for penetration.  I caressed him and kissed him.  ”Do you want out now?”  ”Yes.”  I took the keys off the nightstand, turned him over and unlocked him.  His cock grew instantly hard, so I sucked it.  A few minutes later he blew a second load .. but this one deep into my throat.

I gave him his speedo and flipflops then took him home.  ”If you want to be locked again, call me.”

This morning at 6am, less than 6 hours after blowing two huge loads he calls me.  ”Come pick me up.  I want to be locked again.”

“Good boy.”



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