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  • Well, that’s a thing.

  • I can’t even.

  • thekinkygrad: That’s just wrong 😂 Lol this is so fucked up. …… What if the animals liked it?

  • If you write a story about an Irish boy fucking himself with a potato shaped like a cock, is it racist?

  • Silicon Valley Jerking Calculation Supercut

    Silicon Valley Jerking Calculation Supercut I am dead.

  • This Twitter satirizing paperback novels is my new favorite internet find.

  • sulasaferoom: The first time we watched that first Civil War trailer, we all knew what happened after that scene against Iron Man. I’m not into slash/fanfiction/fanart etc, but you know for a fact that guy against the wall is thinking, “Holy shit your hands are cold!”

  • Awkward thing #248

    Watching a video of a guy blowing another dude in the bathroom, and your parakeet thinks it’s fun noise and starts trying to communicate with it.

  • I walked into my bedroom and the radio was broadcasting a bit from a commercial: “JC Penny, when it fits you feel it!” and my brain went straight to dildos. Tumblr, you are corrupting me.

  • “You have to do it bro. My uncle told me that gays are witches, and if you get seduced by one, you have to sleep with them. If not, they’ll put a curse on you and your dick will fall off.”“…I’m pretty sure that’s not how it works.”“Still, you asked, and he replied. That’s like…