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“Boy, stop bothering James and come over and order please,” Gio said tersely.
James glanced at him and waved his hand. “Oh nonsense, Gio. Val isn’t bothering me a bit. I’m quite interested in hearing about his first anal orgasm actually, as I’m trying to accomplish that with my own boy.”
“He really isn’t a bother? He’s been talking about it non stop today to literally everyone.”
“Aren’t you proud you got your Val to accomplish that?”
Gio shifted. “He’s making me seem like I got a magic dick or something.”
“Ahaha, oooh I get it. You’re embarrassed.”
“I am not,” Gio tossed the menu on the table.
“Yes you are.”
“I wasn’t even trying to give him one,” Gio whined. “I wanted him to stay horny.”
James chuckled. “Well that’s the fun thing about chastity. You know never how your boy will react when you put them under such circumstances, isn’t that right boy?”
“Oh yes Sir. It surprises even me sometimes,” Val said.
James’ boy Beau walked over, drying himself off from the pool, bronzed and naked. His chrome cage glinted in the sun. “Hello Sir,” he nodded at James.
“Hi boy. How was your swim?”
“Lovely. I’m worn out.”
“Good, you had a lot of energy this morning.” James gestured to an empty seat. “You’re welcome to sit down and join the conversation. We were just talking about how Val here had his first anal orgasm last night,” James said.
Beau gasped and plopped down. “Did you really?? Oh, Gio you stud.” He winked and turned to Val. “Oh you must tell me how it happened. I want to hear everything.”
Gio groaned and covered his face with his hand.
The waiter came over. “Are you ready to order Sir?”
“Yeah, please, anything with vodka in it, and make it a double.”

Captions are fictional.


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