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Luke texted Amir the next day after hooking up again: “Strange question. Piggy is missing. You wouldn’t have anything to do with that would you?
Amir texted Luke a photo back: “Me?”
Luke called Amir. “You stole Piggy??”
Amir dissolved into giggles “If you want her back, come over here and fuck me.”
“You thief! How did you even get her out of my house?”
“You were in the bathroom, and I snuck it out when I put my duffel in the car.”
“You sneaky naughty bottom.”
“It was her idea.”
Luke snorted. “I am coming over there right now. And I am putting you over my knee.”
Amir groaned. “Oh yes punish me. Tell me I’m a bad boy.”
Luke paused. “I didn’t realize you were into getting spanked.”
“You never asked.”
“Fuck. I’m packing an overnight bag. Be there in a bit.”
“Piggy and I will see you soon~~” Amir hung up.

Luke showed up forty five minutes later to find Amir in his underwear, waiting for him. He insisted on seeing Piggy first. When he picked up his favorite stuffed animal, he immediately noticed something was different. “Wait. She’s fluffier. What did you do to her? Wait, the hole in her neck is gone too. Is this my Piggy?”
Amir smiled. “It is. My mom is great at sewing. We undid more stitches, took the old stuffing out, washed Piggy and dried her in the sun. Then we restuffed her, and fixed the hole. We saved the stuffing if you want it for some reason, but it was really old and smelled awful.”
Luke was floored. He turned Piggy over in his hands and then squished her in a hug. “I can’t believe it. Why – but why would you do this for me?”
“Your birthday is this weekend right?”
“Yeah it is.”
“Ok, good, I was right. It’s an early birthday gift. Last month, you made a comment about how you were sure you were going to have to put Piggy on a shelf because she was falling apart. You seemed really sad. I know your mom gave her to you and it means a lot. So I came up with an idea to get Piggy a spa day for your birthday. Just…hoped you wouldn’t kill me for it.”
“No, I love it. I’m really really touched actually.” Luke crushed Amir in a hug with Piggy between them. He sniffled. “Thank you, this is a really nice birthday gift. I was really sad Piggy was falling apart. I know it’s silly to still sleep with a stuffed animal at my age but-”
Amir cupped Luke’s chin in his hand. “You’re never too old. Especially since you lost your mom at such a young age. She would be happy you loved it so much.”
Luke smiled and wiped a tear from his eye. “I hope so. I miss her. When she gave this to me before her trip, I never imagined she’d never come home.” Luke sighed. He looked at Piggy for a moment and drifted into a memory. Amir was patient. After a short period, Luke shook his head a little, coming back into the moment. He held up Piggy until she was eye level. “Man, she’s so fat now. She was basically flat before. Lookit how squishy she is. Squishy squishy squishy.”

Amir giggled. “Am I getting pushed out of the bed now because you have a new fat girlfriend?”
Luke swatted him on the arm. He put Piggy on the nightstand. “No, you’re the one I want in this bed. But she’s gonna watch.”
Amir laughed. “Nooo that’s so fucked up.” He turned the stuffie so it faced the wall.
“So now I have to look at her ass when I’m fucking you?”
Amir laughed harder. “Maybe I should put her back in my duffel bag.”
“Nooooo. No more kidnapping her. I’ll put her in the kitchen. Away from this den of sin.”
“Den of sin?? Are you serious.” Amir followed Luke into the kitchen; Luke perched her on the kitchen table.
“Oh I’m serious,” Luke said. “And speaking of sin, I hope you cleaned yourself before I got here, cause I don’t want to waste any time. I want to do enough things to you that you’re not getting any sleep tonight.”
Amir’s eyes went wide. “I didn’t know you had such a dominant side of you.”
Luke smirked. “You never asked.”
“I’m starting to think we’ve wasted our time together in bed just fucking when we could be doing more things…”
“Like spankings?”
“Are you still spanking me after all this?”
“You bet. But then I am rewarding you for this very kind gift.”
Amir ran his palm down Luke’s arm and pressed a kiss to his lips. “Promise?”
“Promise.” Luke hooked his finger into Amir’s underwear and dragged him back into the bedroom.

Captions are fictional.


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